Our 24h society – 4 trends of (r)etail

Recently Trendwatching.com released its trending report on the future of retail. 4 major trends: Everywhere, MEtail, Easy &  WWW, are coming along fast and will reform society into a 24h society. World wide we’re seeing a 24h society developing, but not in the old continent, Europe, were 9-to-5 still plays a major role in creating and shaping the society. It’s going to be a challenge for Europe to cope with this trends and keep their 9-to-5 society alive or transform to a 24h society.  Asia and the Americ’a are already in pole position to adapt to this 4 trends.


Online will just become another option for consumers who are connected, instead of being a separate and distinct medium. Window shopping get’s a whole new meaning, and can be read literally (cfr. Tesco who’s opening window shops in South Korea metro, Delhaize who’s experimenting with window cubes in Belgian train stations.)
Consumers will buy when they have the time, instead of making time to go shopping (especially for FMC – goods this is a true trending topic).
Which role Qr (or other codes) will play in this trend remains to be seen! (but examples show that QR codes can play a great role in this)

#2: (M)ETAIL

The online consumer is part of an enriched personalized social web. Shopping in the 24h connected society creates various possibilities for people to express their experience online and in real-time (as it happens). Connected shoppers can use their community to cash in and get benefits or can get a true personalized product tailor-made and designed by you. On the other side, retailers, will deliver a personalized service (true semantic web thanks to personalize data knowledge of the customer).
Again privacy will play a major part in this, but in my opinion privacy doesn’t need to be problem as long as retailers play a fair game.


All the barriers initially holding e-commerce back (e.g. correct fit, secure payments, convenient deliveries) have been significantly reduced, if not totally removed. Thanks to augmented & virtual reality trying on clothes becomes accurate and fun (even in your own living room) and mobile and online payments are becoming common and save!
This means 24h supply chains and deliveries are necessary to serve this 24h shopping experience (from your home).

#4: OH WHAT A WONDERFUL WEBConsumer expectations at large are now set online. Endless choice, instant gratification, total transparency, seamless collaboration, the list goes on… With this connected society we can’t hide which means transparency and authenticity will pay off in the end opening up niche markets for everyone everywhere (which means are becoming important players if you stay in your niche, but niche expectations can be better served as well since they become available for everybody.)Off course these trends have huge impact on our complete society structure. Since why can buy what we want, whenever we want and where we want, we need to have a 24h organisation which can deliver all these goods and support. So we need a 24h society where 24/7 people produce, sell, and service. For Europe this will be a challenge since we don’t have an ethos of having a 24/7 economy (thanks to unions and the industrial revolution). Free and private time plays a huge role in the European society…Asia and America haven’t got this disadvantage in their economy, so it remains to be seen how Europe will cope with these trends.You can find a full report at

Flat statement: Our flat world society is a 24/7 society.

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8 comments on “Our 24h society – 4 trends of (r)etail
  1. Waia Polymeridis says:

    These trends are really impressive. I think ‘EVERYWHERE’ is one of them which will gain big success in near future. We are already used to buy our things online 24/7 and it is more common to shop with Smartphones.
    Additional is ‘E(ASY)-COMMERCE’ another trend which can make life easier for many people. For those who don’t like to go shopping and others who are not able to because of other circumstances.

    I am anxious to see how the ideas will be implemented and how often I will use such tools.

  2. Michal Kowalski says:

    For me a good point mentioned by you is the fact that Europe has to deal with the 9-to-5 job model. I can’t imagine working like that for the biggest part of my life. It’s not efficient,it kills the motivation to thrive in your personal and business life and of course it’s time consuming and simply boring.

    No intelligent and creative person will let himself be locked in the same room,same building and same job for mere 20 years of his life. Those times are gone and we’re approaching a drastic change in this obsolete way of working. And with the changing model of work we have to change the model of shopping. You can review products,read opinions,compare them or even buy as long as you have a digital device (smartphone,notebook,tablet etc) with you.
    For me the most interesting trend is MEtail. The more sophisticated about our tastes, needs and expectations we get, the harder it gets for salesman to do their job. Therefore the best way to deal with this problem is to treat every consumer as an individual. Make thousands of products for one, not one product for thousands.

  3. Yannick Vercauteren says:

    I’ve never bought something online before. Many people don’t believe me, but it’s true. My parents don’t really like it when I want to buy something online. They are afraid of losing so much money because it’s always in the news. People hack into banks and stuff and rob as much money they can. But I’m planning to buy my new PC on the internet. Most of the tie it’s much cheaper than when you buy it in a store.

  4. Mats Blankers says:

    I think it’s true that people don’t want to make time to shop, but they want to shop when they have time. It won’t be easy to change our culture, working 9 to 5. Still a lot of European people want to buy what they want, whenever they want and where they want. A lot of companies do sell already online but the delivery is different. In Europe and especially Belgium the shipping is very slow. I hope that we can change the Belgium system.
    I already bought several things online, but the most difficult things are cloths or shoes. You can find a size chart, but it isn’t always correct. The living room, fitting room would be a solution for this problem.

  5. Do you think in Europe the 24/7 mentality will come? In some countries shops are not allowed being open on Sundays…..

    Would longer opening hours wouldn’t help families gaining double incomes?

    I haven’t found an answer for me – would it be better being in an 24/7 society or is it good for Europe – remaining in the old, traditional system?

  6. Nadina Ruedl says:

    If I suggest my grandparents to go shopping on Sunday evening, they would never do it. Why? They like their traditional shopping trips on Monday and Thursday, in the small dawdler in their village. They like the conversation with the salesperson and the products, which in the past, they often buyed before.

    In this situatio, is 24 hours shopping from Monday to Sunday an advantage? Makes it sense to expand the open hours?

  7. Petra Schachenhofer says:

    As already mentioned above people want to shop when they have time, but do we really need 24/7 hours shopping?

  8. Sabrina R says:

    I have lived in Asia for a year and really appreciated the 24/7 possibilty and society – from the shopper`s point of view. On the other side I must say that I would not want to be a part of it being available 24/7 to ensure the optimal supply chain – from an employee`s perspective..

    I think this is just how our culture in Europe is and it is really ok like that. If the above mentioned trends develop further in Asia and the US we will see how well that goes with the competitiveness of Europe if it does not adapt in the long run…

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