True Internetentrepreneurs behind Netlog, knew what to do….find a new business: TWOO.Com ! A new succes?!

They had a dream….building the largest social network in the world….but they didn’t cound on Mark Zuckerberg to have the same idea, so Netlog (Belgian social network) founders had a bit of a downturn the last years when Facebook concurred the world of social networks and Netlog didn’t….BUT as good entrepreneurs they knew what to do! Find a new and better product to concur the world, and so was founded, and is on his way to concur the world, maybe not in social media but in dating, although they call it “social discovery).

Netlog customers said they used the side to maintain the friendships AND to connect with new people (to date). Since Facebook strategy is connect friends, Netlog wanted to connect daters and was born to serve this unserved audience. Only one year old, but growing fast, TWOO.Com reaches 6 millions visitors monthly, which is already 2/3 of the number 1 worldwide Match.Com. Bogaerts, founder of both Netlog and TWOO.Com, aims to be the biggest soon….since they realy aims at customer satisfaction (something different from only connection people). TWOO.Com applies the fremium model, which offers a free service for everybody and lets you pay for extras.

With a clear focus and good strategy I believe they can make this happen. TWOO does have the 8 principles of a succesfull e-business (‘as described in my course’) to make it happen….looking forward to the next month!

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6 comments on “True Internetentrepreneurs behind Netlog, knew what to do….find a new business: TWOO.Com ! A new succes?!
  1. Sounds like a future proof project, but i have my doubts; wont they have other website already providing the same service?

  2. This kind of datingsite could be something revolutionary.

    If everything is free, real and safe. People won’t be scared to sign in on twoo.

    They use new creative algoritmes, that makes the matchmaking more accurate.

    But I still have my doubts on the free service. Because there’s still an unlimited account possibility. So I don’t know if the free service is enough for an active member. If they really want to expand their dating site they will have to make everything chargeless.

    Does the service contains adaptable privacy options?

  3. petervankeer says:

    Good god… I didn’t even know that TWOO existed.. People just do NOT want to realise that Facebook is the worldleader of social networks, and I really hate that! Netlog wasn’t such a big succes. Just let it be, accept it! Exactly the same with MySpace, which was SUPERpopular though, but got ‘killed’ by Facebook. They redesigned it and hoped people would return… Comon, how stupid are they really?

    Gotta be honest about one thing. At the homepage, where you can register, they say; “login with Facebook” (which is already funny) but then it says: “Maak je geen zorgen, we posten niet op je prikbord”. Alot of apps, and other stuff do that, which makes me mad. The fact they say they won’t, made me “smile”.

  4. Benedikta Mathis says:

    I like the “David against Goliath” strategy … we will see what happens 🙂

  5. Wig says:

    What a total blatant nonsense, this article from mr. “tomfleerackers”. TWOO is not a novel thing on the market. TWOO is an inspirationless TOTAL format-clone of BADOO, but smaller and disfuctional, because their hack-greed on the payment upgrade is even 20 times higher then with market leader BADOO. Not mentioning this FACT , is making your ‘journalist abilities’ pale and regretfutt, tomfleerackers … or did you just produce a payed disguised advertisement? Perhaps, you ARE a marketing staff member of TWOO ? After all, “articles” that start with ‘they had a dream”, and end with mentioning “‘as described in my course’”, leave a bitter taste. If you’re giving “courses” , you proove to be a fake because you’re not even capable to explain where they stole the concept !

    TWOO = Non inspirational format followers, and this almost week to week, because every time contact, search etc schemes change with BADOO, TWOO is doing their ripp-off remake of the Badoo changes to their own site as well. Just with a couple of weeks of lagging behind, and always with LESS free contact possibilities.

    You can’t contact some 95% of profiles that you would like to contact, because of the waterfall of limitations : out of age range, out of distance range, ‘too popular today’, ‘too many contacts today’ (= more then 2, from which 1.95 are thown away statistically spoken) etc etc etc… , EXCEPT that of course, you CAN without any problem or limitation, if you become ‘TWOO Unlimited’. The PAY NOW screen popps up a dazzling MORE times then it would with BADOO, and even there, of course, the frequency is high.

    The constant policy of sending out spam messages to capture new clients, by ABUSING the name of members, who so called “are inviting” the new ones, not just produced a stream of protests from users who found out they were getting abused, but also drove some of them already to file the case with the police. A law university professor in Belgium, already publicly accused the TWOO owners of trespassing the vigilent laws.

    The team of NETLOG/TWOO are acting as cowboys, and perhaps soon, this will all end up, not in profit, but before court in GENT.

    • Herwig, thank you very much for your opinion on my article.
      I’m not a marketeer for TWOO for sure! I’m just trying to keep an eye on what’s happening online and in the digital world.
      When the TWOO story crossed my path, it was a nice case on entrepreneurship….wether or not the are copying BADOO, the pick up on what’s hot and what’s not.
      Most things – even the iPhone – are copycats from existing ideas and products.

      But please, remain critical on my writings, I’m always open for suggestions!

      Kind regards

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