Business goes online & social to connect with their customers!

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4 comments on “Business goes online & social to connect with their customers!
  1. Martina says:

    While I was looking at these statistics I want to say something to the question on what network people communicate with their friends – it is still facebook. Nothing against that platform, it is working and sometimes it´s interesting what you read about others.

    But in the fact what we all know about facebook and how they handle our confidential information, people more and more post private contents on the page and don´t think about what will happen with their date.
    While I´m writing on this blog a report is on the TV which shows how big facebook still is and what power it has.
    A regional radio station had to make this experience with facebook. They had more than 20.000 members (what is much in our region) and posted a game of luck on their page and from one day of the next their profile was deleted without any comment from facebook and although they are sure that they the didn´t anything wrong. Still today they are trying to find out what happened and why.

    This is the willing of facebook – shouldn´t we think about this?

    So, why we are still willing to post all information about us, our friends, our live, our job, our pets, our drunken evenings … when we know what can happen with these data? And why are we not scared about coming all these materials about us back on a moment, we don´t need it at all?

    Do we really trust facebook more than our neighbors?
    Because when something is missing in our garden, we are sure that one of our neighbors has to do with it. But when facebook can do whatever facebook want to do, why are we still feeding this platform with more details?

    … it´s not that we don´t have an alternative …

  2. Daniel says:

    I think in this case it´s not a question of who we trust or not. Companies acting in social networks still have to act in a professional way. The B2C connection is the same as if you would buy something from an online store.
    In this case, it would be also interesting to know to what extend the companies have access to ones own personal data.
    I don´t know about that to be honest.

    The sheer fact that facebook is used by millions and millions of people means the perfect place for companies to advertise their products. And furthermore improve their image, launching PR actions and also keeping in close touch with customers and potential customers.

    Another fact that clearly states the developement of firm getting more and more involved in facebook is the fact, that people are lazy! At least, that´s my point of view.
    It´s much easier to reclaim products by writing on the wall of a companies facebook site because you can be sure that the company tries to do everything in order not to get negative feedback on their facebook pages where everyone can read it.

    And it´s of coure very cheap for companies to interact with their customers via social network. Especially small and start up companies try to build up a facebook community as early as possible. You cant advertise cheaper and more effectively than having followers, commenting on and liking your company.
    It´s the perfect example of the “snowball- effect”

    One more time, it is not facebook or the companies advertising on facebook who have to be blamed, but every single user that decides for himself weather or weather not it´s worth it to get constant advertisement of a company.

  3. Benjamin Bäumer says:

    I agree to Daniels opinion that companies would try everthing, for not getting a bad reputation on a social platform, in order to keep their overall reputation. But due to the information we got on the eCRM class I would also agree with the idea that companies who try to improve their performance after the impulse they got from the social platform, will be strengthened at the end.

    The figures at the top are very impressive. Especially the high amount of bloggers using Facebook.

  4. Vismeet Mehta (FHV) says:

    I think most companies are going Social less due to the fact that they see the power of the internet and more because they know that if they donot stay in touch with the technologies their competitors are using, they might stay behind. What companies should see now is how to do something that no one else has done yet as that could be a good marketing strategy to grab attention.

    “If you keep doing what everyone else is doing, you’ll keep getting what everyone else is getting.”

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