A Digital Story About Navitity

With Christmas only a small week away….I’m trowing in a digital story on nativity. Although the movie is from 2010 it is still rocket science on how nativity would look like in the 21st century.

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9 comments on “A Digital Story About Navitity
  1. Andrea says:

    I showed it to my parents….well “show” is wrong. I had to explain every single joke.
    It’s a great video and it’s a funny and easy explanation, in which manner the fast progress influences our way of thinking and acting.

    By the way…it’s a part of one of my assignements. I put it in there, without even knowing that it is on your blog!

  2. Hoogbloeier says:

    Love the word Navitity… Thought it had something to do with the navy… (in the title of the blog!) 😉

  3. Gudrun says:

    like this video – have seen it on fb several times around christmas-time.
    @ Andra: my parents would be completely lost with this video as well.

    Funny way to explain the story of nativity nowadays for the generation web 2.0.

    It’s like the all the “if fb existed years ago… ”


  4. Markus says:


    if the nativity story would have happened in “our time” and not 2000 years ago, i could imagine it would be like in the video
    ” sending some pictures to your grandmother, mother, father, friends all over the world – writing to everybody that you are happy right now” this is not the future this is reallity – thanks evulation of web

  5. Martina says:

    Today, I saw that video the first time and it´s scaring how fast growing our world is and how all our communication changed.

    I see it on myself. I love talking to my friends but the combination of job and studying often makes it hard to find enough time to talk to them. So instead of taking time for a conversation, i started to write emails. The benefits are that I know how my friends are and they feel like I´m interested in their life.
    And one of the most important benefit is that I can write or answer the emails at any time I have time for it and it need less time than a date in the real.

    The consequence was I had a beautiful writing connection to my friends, but when I met them in real – something changed.

    So nowadays, I meet my friends more and we are writing emails too. With the time we found a good feeling what we can talk about in emails and what time we need in real to be comfortable with each other.

    But as we saw in the video, conversations changed and informations are shared within seconds. And no matter how fast you delete the information from any platform or anything else in the internet – it will be back and that a high risk we all have to live with.

    So because Andrea and Gudrun talked about their parents, I can additionally say that my parent had to learn to communicate with the internet and the platforms and as well with the mobile phone because they want to have a good job anymore. Therefore not everybody appreciate the fast changing but tries
    the best to live with them in peace and to be on time furthermore.

  6. Benjamin says:

    I really like that video. That’s how it works in today’s live. For example, when we went to Dornbirn, I had first to check on Google maps where Dornbirn is. After that I searched for an accommodation, ways of travelling to the city without the need of highwayfees and so on. I talked to my cousin on Facebook and he gave me some recommendations where to go in Dornbirn.

    So in comparison to the video I could see some similarities to my daily life.

  7. Awesome video!!! I think this is what would happen if Jezus was born in 2012. People share all their experiences with friends and these days we can do it in seconds. In the past it took ages!! But we have to ask ourself or it is as positive as all the people say?!?

    It could be also very dangerous…

    Like in the movie what if the romans found out he was born there ?
    What if they saw all the messages? Then Jezus would be dead?

    I think it is great that we can share anything within 3 seconds but we have to remind ourself that it could have disadvantages.

    People post alot of things. Sometimes those things are inappropriate and they delete them but they are all saved!!!!

  8. Jesus has got a social shadow! 🙂

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