Big Brains For Life – Get in touch with digital reality

Most of the time, you get my reports on events afterwards…since I’m organising one myself, you get an invitation up-front!

On December 21st, 2011 University College Karel de Grote is hosting the first (ever) Big Brains for Life event on Digital reality. This event is in support of Studio Brussels Music For Life charity. All revenues are in favor of this charity which supports Red Crosses kids diarrhea program in Nepal.

We host 3 keynotes:

  • Jo Caudron (@jcaudron)on the radical impact of Internet, social media and mobile. (Dear Media – author of Media Morgen)
  • Clo Willaerts (@bnox) on We live in public – Identity, privacy and reputation in the digital world (Sanoma Magazines – Author of The conversity Model)
  • Elais Veris (@eliasveris) on The new customer (Insites Consulting)

And afterwards you can enroll an ‘intimi’-session on a specific topic with:

  • Chris Demeyere (@chrisdemeyere)on Always on the road – Mobile society (ex-mobile vikings – A Little conversation)
  • Bart De Waele (@netlash) on Online (Netlash/BeSeen – Talking Heads)
  • Yves Van Seters (@YvesVS) on Communication in a digital era (IBM)
  • Steven Verbruggen (@minorissues) on Digital Marketing (VVL-BBDO)
  • Pieter Sprangers (@edushock) on Education in the digital era (Teacher @kdghogeschool – Domo de refontiro – Author of Edushock)
  • Pedro Debruyckere/Ben Smits (@thebandb) on Digital youth (Teacher @Artevelde – Author of ‘De jeugd is tegenwoordig)
  • Erik Roger (@erikroger1) on Personal Effectiveness in the digital era (FranklinCovey)
  • Tom Palmaerts (@Palmaerts) on Future Trends (Trendwolves)

A cross networking event in favor of a good cause….only for 200 EUR (and with the possibility to use ‘opleidingscheques’ if you live in Belgium)

More on this event at

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8 comments on “Big Brains For Life – Get in touch with digital reality
  1. Nice article. I think this action will have a great succes. The speakers are very known and the price ain’t that bad for the things you get, maybe a bit too pricey for the standard student.
    Also, I think we should use our XM2 community to promote the action more on the social networks. I’ve not seen it that much on my twitter timeline and/or facebook news updates, but that will propably change this month.

  2. Stéphanie says:

    I think 200 EUR is quite inexpensive… It could be interesting for teachers and professors to join these sessions too.

    In my opinion, few lecturers know more about Digital Reality than the students themselves. In some cases I have the idea the students should be there teaching the lecturer and not the other way around (of course I don’t mean the Digital Culture course!).
    I have the idea that some lecturers are having difficulties adapting to the tremendous changes in (for example) marketing communications.
    It is a bit sad I have to say.. and I hope this will change in the near future.

    I’m sure Big Brains for Life – Digital Reality will be a success!

    I’m spreading the news!

  3. Judith Bote says:

    In our daily routine we are in touch with digital world. It is everywhere but most of us have not realized of its importance and magnitude. That’s why I think this event can be a success. More and more people is being interested in that topic. It is necessary and useful in several aspects of our lives, not only for studying and working but also in keeping our relationships. I think that those kind of events make you open our minds. Internet have changed our lives and now we are starting to realize how they have changed and that’s a good point to keep into account.
    In my opinion, Big brains for life treats very interesting topics related with digital reality as education, communication, marketing and the future era. It is a good event for learning and improving our knowledge. However, in my opinion I think it is quite expensive. It is difficult that students can afford it by themselves. If it was cheaper, I’m sure that more students will attend it. I also agree with Stéphanie that this event can be very interesting for professors and managers. As we’ve seen in class, digital world it is everywhere, so I think Big brains for life can give the opportunity to some CEO to start implementing the digital era in their companies.
    I also like the idea of giving all revenues to a charity. Now, we only have to wait 2 weeks and see the results but I hope it becomes a real success.

  4. Bart Ufkes says:

    I think it is a great idea. While students usually know exactly which influence the social media/digital reality has on life and business, the older generation does not. More and more are getting familiar with the concept of it but are not entirely sure about it. The event might be very attractive for companies that want to increase their knowledge about the digital era by sending one of their employees to the event because it might be beneficial to their business. For a company it will not be that expensive and they will be contributing to a good cause at the same time!

  5. Lara Jansen says:

    I think an event like this is a great idea and it must become a success! I will definitely disseminate the news via Facebook and face to face. Nevertheless, for me € 200 would be quite expensive and a big effort as a student. But referring to the subject of digital reality, you never stop learning, even as a student who knows almost everything about the digital world. The revenues are for a good cause, so very probably it would be worth to participate. In my view everyone, who is interested in this charity and of course in this event, should take part and increase their knowledge about today’s digital era and possible future innovations – regardless of whether lecturers, students, company employees or citizens.

  6. This is a really great initiative by KDG and the lectors/teachers from (mainly) XM² ( 😛 )

    When I heard the early-bird price of €200 I was doubting whether I should go or not.
    But I took the initiative and tried looking for a company or sponsor who was willing to “buy” me a seat in the BB4L day.

    I already had collected €100 from two companies/sponsors, and then KDG launched the Student action. BB4L for only €50.. impressive! I think I was among the first 5 students to register myself immediately and didn’t doubted one minute 😀 !

    So, yeah.. I’M IN ! SEE YOU THERE 😉

  7. It seems I’m one of the few students who find the 200 euro price a bit too high. I personally think the event is great and will attract a lot of people, but I just don’t have the money for it myself. Nontheless it is definitely worth going if you can spare 200 or so (you can get discounts) euros! Furthermore I think we, as students who follow a very digital orientated course, should definitely be more involved in this event if able.

    Dennis De Smedt

  8. Sonja Hurmeranta says:

    This event sounds great: Social media is everywhere, and it’s great that it’s discussed: by people who know much about it.
    As Stephanie says, it’s a bit strange to have lecturers teaching about Digital culture when the students know more about it; On the other hand the field is changing so rapidly, that no one can be an expert for a long time. In this perspective experts are valuable, since they know the present but also where this all came from.

    The information should definitely be spread around, and this even sounds like the perfect way of doing it!
    The price is a bit high, at least for people like me who realized this event so late: on the other hand, students who have known that this is coming have had time to prepare, and if it’s in their field of study they most likely (and hopefully) are so interested that they will go.

    Another thing that came into mind, are these lectures given in English? This is another factor that would affect our exchange students attendance if the lectures in the event were in Dutch.

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