What did we learn at Creativity World Forum 2011?

Two days in Hasselt….Two days out of this world.
An amazing setting, good production, fantastic people and great line-up would round-up this Creativity World Congress 2011 in Hasselt. The people of FlandersDC did a great job of programming great speakers, and nice break-out work shops. But after this 2 days everything should be placed in perspective….so a brief round-up on with I heard and more so what I will remember of this World Creativity Forum 2011.

This round-up is a get together of quotes and a summary of great speakers as Jimmy Wales (@Jimmy_Wales), Peter Hinssen (@hinssen), Alexander Osterwalder (@business_design), Keith Sawyer, Malcolm Gladwell, Scott Belsky (@scottbelsky), Jamie Anderson, Garr Reynolds (@presentationzen) and Oliver Stone.

  • Failure is necessary
    failure is the key to a creative success. If you never fail, you can never be creative.
  • Collaboration drives creativity
    Working in a team gives a more creative outcome then working alone.
  • Tweak instead of invent
    Don’t be the first on the market. It’s better to learn from other ones mistakes and make them better….be creative with existing stuff.
  • Organisation is necessary for creativity
    Organise yourself, your work environment to be creative…bring structure into your creative process.
    Surround yourself with creative inputs/actions
  • Disconnect to create
    Log off, go analog and disconnect from the online world so you can create in real-time (f.i. with pen and paper, post-its, …).
    Log on in a second phase of the process
  • Keep it simple and visualize it!

Next years Creativity World Forum will be hosted in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)…see if I can get tickets for this as well!

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3 comments on “What did we learn at Creativity World Forum 2011?
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  2. Alba Palacios Gómez says:

    I agree about all the quotes, but I’d like to focus in two.
    Failure is necessary: I find this really important. Most of the people thinks everything has ended when they have a fail, and they don’ realize it could be also a good opportunity: you know that way didn’t work, so you can change it to improve it and be more successful in the future.
    Disconnect to create: nowadays, everybody think internet is enough to do any kind of job. But sometimes is better just to forget it and try in the ‘normal’ way, because in some cases you don’t need a computer to have a good idea, just think a bit by yourself and not wait for finding the idea you need on the web.

  3. People have to learn to cope with failure. Especially for Germans and Austrians it is very difficult to accept failure and see things positiv, even when they are not perfect….

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