Rethinking Marketing

Another interesting evening out….Lannoo events Rethinking Marketing congress lined up 5 of their authors (Clo Willaerts, Herman Konings, Joeri Van den Berghe, Marc Michils & Krist Pauwels) to discuss 5 topics which could inspire the audience.  No keynotes, no boring presentations….only talk and discussions, nice to see a different approach.  Maybe a short intro presentation for each topic would have been nicer than the movie, but what the hell de debate was fun and inspired me!

Let me share some of my inspirational quotes of this evening!

  1. Social responsibility & credibility
    Social media is power to the people, like may ’68 but then for real.
    Consumers always asks: “what’s in it for me!” So both sides have to deliver, consumer and producer each share this social responsibility & credibility.
    Act first, then talk instead of making promises first and act later.
  2. Strong roots in a turbulent market
    Brands are just a replacement for human beings….so a brand needs to take a position as well.
    The new communication model is not a dialogue, it becomes a dialogue after the company’s monologue.
    When a company cheats on me, it’s out….only when I have a strong and loving relationship with this brand it gets another chance.
    Consumers want to be involved, nothing less, nothing more…they don’t want to take the lead in the creative process or other!
  3. Transparancy
    The informed customer!
    The more complex a topic gets the less people are willing to be informed, then they use trusted filters (like media and friends).
    Online information overload…..where are the trees!? We are in need of a good network of trusted peers, but make shure your filter bubble is large enough.
  4. “Indignados”
    Social media is easy to share indignantly, but what’s the alternative/solution?
    No single leader makes this a difficult organisation which starts with one “lone nut” who gathers “evangelists”/followers.
    Traditional media play a big role in augmenting this movements/actions.On a side node Clo Willaerts still looks for a random act of kindness from Cote d’Or since she outed herself as chocolate fan 🙂
  5. Making profit in money and happiness
    Happiness is genetically determined for 50%…marketing makes the other 50% (more and more through an emotional appeal)
    Generation (wh)Y wants to have an impact!
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5 comments on “Rethinking Marketing
  1. Emma Armstrong says:

    The first and third points here in particular interested me as it reminds me of some of the topics touched on in the book Socialnomics.

    There has been a really interesting change in the way businesses are run. When I think back to previous conceptions, large scale companies have a bad reputation for poor ethics. Infamously they are known for being profit-hungry and relentless in their desire for money. But there has been an interesting change since social media started to gain so much power. All of a sudden, companies seem to be eating out of the hands of the people. Now many seem to truly to be listening to the customers and giving them what they want, not just claiming that is what they are doing in million dollar marketing campaigns.

    Erik Qualman talks about ‘Social Schizophrenia’ in his book Socialnomics. He mentions how on one hand corporations would donate millions of dollars to charities and good causes while simultaneously dumping their toxic wastes in extremely poor developing nations across the world. This practice can’t really continue when you look at how social media has made the world so much more transparent this isn’t a practice that can continue. This in turn has led to increased social and corporate responsibility – a very,very good influence in our changing world.

  2. Alba Palacios Gómez says:

    It’s interesting to see how in all the points there is a common factor: the consumers. Every day consumers are more and more demanding, and also they have more and more business to chose, so companies must know they have to listen to the consumers and try to satisfy their needs.
    And also nowadays all the costumbers can access in a easy way to information and share it (that’s what happened with the ‘indignados’ movement) so the companies should be even more careful with that.

  3. BWM_iM&S3_El_La says:

    I am sure that these informations about companies, brands and customers or consumers are pretty truth- and indeed, they are facts. The only shame is that most companies are still not willing to react on them. It’s going to be quite interesting if these companies (and their brands) do still a have a chance to survive in future- by ignoring the signs of relevant issues in “future marketing”.

  4. Carolin_FHV says:

    I believe that Social Media is a new challenge/chance for companies to rethink their marketing as companies can gain valuable information from Social Media. With gained insights from community conversations/ board discussions etc. companies can adapt Marketing activities according to consumers wishes. Social Media offers a whole new source of data which will eventually change marketing processes and activities.

  5. Martina says:

    At the moment I´m working on a paper about marcom.
    Therefore I read these lines with a lot of interest and in my opinion the understanding of marketing is changing. As mention in the entry people want to know more, want be involved, want to be asked, what to be important.
    So today it´s not enough to have good ideas, good concepts and a good realization – you have to have a strong connection to your customers.

    Some years ago I think it was no this important matter for a customer when anything changed on the product without the price. Today people ask more or perhaps require more for explanations when anything changed.
    They react more active and want to be part of the process.

    This is an advantage for both sides. It´s easier for producers to find out what is more important for customers and where they see the focus. So they have the chance to us this information for better products and saving costs.
    On the other side customers have the chance to get better products which are fitting more to their expectations.

    So, to be successful for the next years, I think everyone should think about the topics in the article.

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