The networked & connected society

Our society has changed rapidly over the past years…our society has become networked and connected.
This flat world makes it easy to communicate in a dialogue model, but also changes our way of living, the power of our lives, our possibilities, …
A stumbled upon a few interesting movies, documentaries and presentations the last few days which I want to share with you.

So sit down and relax, and enjoy the connected ride from the past over the present to the future!

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One comment on “The networked & connected society
  1. Xavi Repi says:

    Everybody can see the huge impact that internet has had (and is having) in our lives. Our way of life is changing sharply thanks to the IT, which are evolving really fast. In these days of changing, many experts try to understand where are we going and how our society will evolve the coming years.
    From the information given in the video we can say that, in terms of business, the companies which will success in the future will be those ones more flexible. The secret is that using social networks, cell phones, etc. in a work environment makes information flowing quickly.
    In my opinion, we cannot predict how our lives are going to be in the future. But I think that nowadays, the companies which are able to work intensively with the new tools developed and are flexible, are being the most successful. The more information you have, the better the company can fit customers needs and the better it can solve problems. Moreover, the use of social networks, video conferences, etc. gives the company the chance to hire the most qualified employees. The companies in the future will not be in Silicon Valley or in NYC. The biggest companies of the future will be all over the world, with employees working in the five continents.

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