The Kinect Effect – Microsoft on Augmented/Virtual reality

Augmented reality is hot, and the future holds a lot more of this… The Kinect project of Microsoft for XboX is just a small step into real virtual and augmented reality.  Just to get everything into perspective I’m adding a movie and presentation on virtual/augmented reality.

The Kinect effect from Microsoft shows us what Microsoft’s real deal is with the Kinect tool….

The slideshare shows what Augmented reality is all about, or can be about (and what’s not augmented reality!).

I’m a fan, and believe AR will be the future of web 3.0. It will get us engaged, enriched and active in a whole new dimension….we’re only waiting for the right devices, since I don’t believe we’ll be running with our smart phone in front of us! Once this technical ‘problem’ is solved (with glasses, ….) while truly enter the augmented reality era! Something to look forward to!

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4 comments on “The Kinect Effect – Microsoft on Augmented/Virtual reality
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  2. Mariusz Kaczmarek says:

    I am a fan of Microsoft ideas and trying to follow their newest projects, it is always interesting to see how many new possibilities we will have in the (hope so) near future. AR is definitely one of the most interesting projects, but it is still long way to go for it. Another similar project of Microsoft is upgrading Microsoft Bling maps. They are trying to add few awesome features that will create for us plenty of possibilities.

    Here is the link to the presentation from 2010:

    The idea to picture an event and share it live is just mind-blowing. Just easily browsing through the map you can see what is going on at this time, in this particular place – concert, matches, exhibitions – you can be there at the same time. Every smartphone has the ability to become live webcam.

    P.S. If you want to learn more, just search on youtube Blaise Aguera, he has few more great presentations showing some innovative ideas becoming reality.

  3. Rodrigo Gelle says:

    I think it’s incredible what people these days can already do. I’m certain that we can expect even more from the future. A problem we face on the ‘road to innovation’ is that corporate companies are slowing down modern thinkers. For example, if Microsoft hadn’t made its software available, then who knows what kind of practical applications we would have missed? Companies should not be fearing innovation, instead they should be embracing it.

  4. Dominik says:

    The Kinect project is a very interesting development. I think it has a high potential. It is an useful device that can be used in almost all industries. In addition, Kinect has changed the view on the company. Microsoft isn’t anymore only Goliath but again an innovative and unique company for the consumers.
    Look also:
    Kinect is just the beginning of a series of innovations in the field of AR that we still can’t imagine today.

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