Flat World Competition is fierce – What’s hot today, is old yesterday!

The flat world….always on top of the newest evolution, platform and emerging trends. Last weeks my eye catched some of the new ideas and platforms of the e-buzz world. [Updated November, 28]

  • Chime.in a competition for Twitter?
    While Twitter hits 250 millions tweets per month, a new microblogging platform entered  the room: chime.in
    Chime offers more than 140 characters and shows your shared short links and photo’s.  Besides a more visual approach Chime offers participants to gain a (small) profit. From adds which are sold to go with your pages, the profit is split. (Interesting idea….) You can also add your own sponsored adds to your page (from which you can keep 100% of the profit!….)
    This is an interesting business model! I’ll keep a close eye on this, and see if it can turn into a real success (and threat to Twitter)
  • Google+ takes it up a notch with the integration off Google Apps
    Officially opening up the Google+ doors (so no beta invitation version) created a big hype with people signing up. A growth of 1269% was reached in september…So is this the real big launch of the Facebook Competitor..probably not. With 50 million members (and I’m not writing active users), we see a vast population looking at Google+. But are they convinced this is bigger/better than Facebook? Probably not, since Facebook launched it s Timeline and other top end features last month.
    But last week Google announced its incorporation of Google Apps in Google+! Now this is what I call a benefit. Online collaboration will become easy through Google+, this way Google+ really has a head start against Facebook. This way Google+ will reach a critical mass of active users, who will use Google+ as social forum but also as an online collaboration platform….in a better way Facebook services them! Again something to keep an eye on!

[November 27th, Update]

  • Google to launch streaming music player within weeks notice….with a deep integrating in Google+.
    I just can’t keep thinking of the idea Google is trying fiercely to pimp his Google+ platform…hiping to attract more actual users (not only register, take a look and never come back).  Will this be the ultimate service we’ve been waiting for? Probably not, since Spotify has integrated with Facebook (and yes Spotify is coming to Belgium as well!….soon), and other services like Apple’s iCloud and the Amazon cloud offer the same service, with a huge back catalogue.  Again a problem for Google who’ll only get an agreement with 2 of the big 4 music labels…
  • Pen.io a light weight, easy to use and fast publishing tool on the web. No huge accounts, just a page name and password and you’re set to go with this online tool. It’s not a blog, it’s not a social network…it’s just an online white paper on which you can easy share ideas, drafts, work together, ….
    No fierce codes, some simple tags and your set to go….this can be easy to use for people who’re not into the real publishing tools of the web, but still want to use the strength of the web to communicate with students, family, colleagues,…
    I’ve made this page in less than 2 minutes (including “registration”) so it can’t be that difficult….:-) )

[November 28th, Update]

  • A new social network is beiing unleashed: unthink.com – again a new competition for Facebook, Google+, …
    Will this one make the difference? We’ll have to see, but Unthink.Com has made a USP of not taking the users freedom. Companies are as well invited to start social selling (the next big thing!) through the Unthink channel.
    “I want to be free, I want to control our own communications …” Unthink doesn’t own your data, and won’t sell it to advertisers, brands, ….
    How do they gain revenue? Every users needs to endorse a brand (and each brand will pay per user who endorses his brand). If you don’t want to endors a brand you pay 2$/year user fee….again great thinking regarding the business model! Who’ paying what….? And in the end, you engage with a brand who pays your fee, but gets a dedicated follower/endorser!
    In beta version now, but probably open for business soon….is this the Facebook killer we have been waiting for? Brand wise it’s an opportunity…let’s see if the people follow!
    Are you an Unthinker?

[To be continued]

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5 comments on “Flat World Competition is fierce – What’s hot today, is old yesterday!
  1. A few days ago, I signed up for Chime, but I haven’t used it a lot until now. I was reading a magazine, and they had a short topic about Chime, so I decided to go to try it, and how longer I’m on in, how easier it gets! It’s really easy to use, but with Chime, I discovered the same problem as with Google+, there aren’t so much of my friends on this platforms.

    In my opinion, Google+ is a great network, but the network is too small to use it as much as you use facebook. Maybe we could wait for a couple of months, but I think g+ is just for people like our class, younger persons who want to know everything about social media.

  2. Judith Bote says:

    More and more social network platforms are appearing. But can they fight against Facebook? As you’ve said, it has 50 million users and I think it will still increase. All my friends, mates and family uses it. Maybe that’s the reason I use it. I also have Google+ but I don’t nearly check it. I have a few friends in it. There is no activity and movement. In less than 5 minutes I’ve checked all the information I want to know with Facebook if would like to know all the latest comments I would need hours. Is this situation going to change? Is Google+ going to have more members in the following months? I think it still has lot of job to do. It is not easy but I think it’s possible. in my opinion the kind of network it offers is interesting because you can make circles with your friends and mates. We only have to wait.
    Spotify has arrived to Belgium. That is also an interesting new! I’m using this network for more than 3 years and I think it is great. When I arrived to Antwerp I realized that I could only use it for 15days and I must say that when you don’t have it, you realize how useful it is. You can make your own music lists but the best point for me is that you can share them with your friends. Belgiums sign in as soon as possible and enjoy it!
    I’m sure more and more platforms will still appear but in my opinion they must offer something new. They must be innovative if they want to catch new members or otherwise it will be really difficult to compete with Facebook or Twitter.

  3. Alba Palacios Gómez says:

    It’s really interesting to see how the competence is developing on internet. This gives companies the proof that they need to keep moving every day if they don’t want to get old and lose all their users in favor of the competitors.
    Also we can see nowadays is really difficult to differ from the others, because everything is invented, so if you want to success you really need a good idea to improve your e-business and make it better positioned than the rest of the competitors.
    So, in conclusion, a social media it’s not a sure successful anymore, you have to offer something else.

  4. Albert Ulmer says:

    While I’m all for diversity on the Internet, I fail to see the point of yet another mini social network at the same time. Can somebody explain to me why I should be using something other than Facebook or Google+?

  5. I totally agree with Judith. I think new platforms need to be innovative and more importantly need to offer a certain value to the users, be it something other platforms do not offer yet or maybe a special combination or addition to another platform, as for example spotify and facebook work together.

    By the way, I cannot believe that Spotify is around for more than 3 years already. I just found out about it 1 months ago – during my x-mas holidays. I love the tool and i think it is absolutely addictive 🙂 listening to your own choice of music whenever and wherever you want. GREAT!

    Further I agree that the competition among different social networks is very intense. Fighting against facebook might be extremely difficult as almost everyone – at least your friends – is already a user. I have also started with google+ but honestly, as Albert, i do not see the point why to use it either as the purpose and the options are more or less the same as on facebook.

    However, social networks such as LinkedIn or Xing i would evaluate differently. These two platforms have a certain focus on jobs, professions and careers. Most people logged in are there because of business reasons, to find employees, to offer posts, to exchange useful business information and communicate about the economy. Here the purpose is a different one.

    Between facebook and LinkedIn or Xing i see certain aspects of differentiation and that is probably why they rather work well next to one another. However, competing with these well established platforms could be hard, for newcomers. But i do not want to exclude their success – as for example spotify might find its revolution just after 3 or 4 years!? Who knows

    As unpredictable the environment, as unpredictable the successes of new innovations.

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