ADM – Foyer: Fixing the media by Jo Caudron (MediaMorgen)

“Drama, Internet & Business with Jo Caudron”…a nice introduction after the small media storm Jo Caudron had to put with the last days.

For those who aren’t in on the dramadays of Jo Caudron: Jo tweeted a message of a company vehicle who passed him at high-speed during traffic works….nothing to big you would think: but he added the care plate and an action picture! After a lot of retweets by famous and less famous followers, a Belgian newspaper decided to do an editorial on how Jo had become a vigilante 2.0, without any further investigation or reply from Jo, and other parties. Jo ended up in a small media storm, gaining maximum exposure, and hopefully gets the debate going on privacy and social media! [to be continued]

But let’s get back on topic! Fixing the media…
Media itself is part of a perfect storm, who comes around ones in lifetime….there is a huge media shift happening because of the content explosion and change of media control. More and more people are becoming self serviced human beings regarding media usage (you watch TV whenever you want with delayed viewing, a non linear approach of linear media). This means a huge shift (and problem) for linear (media)companies.

The social media is the new internet (check for recent research on this topic – or soon in Flat World Education), which means this is a major part of your business as usual.  But instead of seeing social media as new business entity, you should look at social media as something that runs through your whole organisation and will affect every department in your organisation. This means your company will become completely transparent and accountable 24/7! This is a huge challenge, but will make companies smarter in the end.

And off course traditional media companies (like television stations, newspapers, ….) are in for a huge shift. Those media companies need to look for a complete new business model to survive the new media paradigm. But for the moment they don’t seem to bother at all…they push there traditional media in an online channel, or develop an app….but don’t rethink the business (model)! It still a long way untill we’ll have 24/7 up to date news with background stories embracing the dialogue….

But as always: embrace innovation, don’t underestimate in the long run but don’t overestimate it in the short run!

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