CircleMe to join myself!

We had MySpace, Netlog, Hyves, … sorry, they are all still up and running social platform but once they were really hot, now not anymore (or at least less hot than they used to be, or only hot in very limited geographical areas or with special interest groups). The war of the social platform…for the moment won by Facebook (as you know: If Facebook was a country it with be the 3rd country in the world), but maybe the war on platforms is moving away from its true value. Facebook will remain big and in business for at least a couple of years. Google+ is growing, but still doesn’t touch Facebook knees! So it’s time to rethink te platform war, and come up with something else…location based (was one), social commerce (was another), … and now we have CircleMe (yet another).

CircleMe uses your Facebook (f.i.) as its data platform and don’t focus on you(r status updates) or your friends, but focus on your interests and likes in different categories. This way you get an overview on what you’re interested in….and then who shares these interests with you! It’s another way of connecting people! A 360 circle of you are, what you do, what you love doing, … seems to be the new approach for social networking! Look at the Facebook Timeline (even WordPress installed a Timeline theme – maybe should look into that! 🙂 )….

CircleMe should take this up a notch, as I understand it, because CircleMe works with your interests, likes, … to find connections that have a similar circle/interest. So basically you’re looking for yourself! Again interesting to see where this will take us…but a nice example on semantic and executing web use!

Be shure to check this introduction movies on how it works and the basic philosophy behind CircleMe.

You can sign up for an invitation to the beta version here!
Once you’re in and have a profile, you can share your CircleMe through your Facebook. So CircleMe uses a different approach than Facebook and rather collaborates then battles for the platform! To be continued….

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14 comments on “CircleMe to join myself!
  1. I have applied to join, great opportunity to get in touch with like minded people

  2. In my opinion this ‘new’ way of social networking isn’t that innovative. It reminds me of a sort of dating site were you can make a profile of yourself with your interests, gender, age, etc. Once you’ve made your profile you can start looking for persons who share your interests and you can start ‘dating’ with them.

    Offcourse the core competence of this website isn’t dating but it will be certainly used for this matter.

    Although it isn’t that innovative, I’m convicenced this will be a great succes in the near future

  3. I’m ‘in’ too.. Great opportunity and great new approach of ‘liking’.

    Really like this concept, will try it out soon, and hope it gets viral.

    Thanks for the tip, Tom!

  4. Seen this earlier this week on Mashable. Looks promising, something new. I hope this new project gets enough attention and support. Not like Google+, which never really seemed to lift off.

  5. What’s interesting about this is that it uses Facebook integration. Unlike closing themselves off in a dark corner, social media platforms need to interact with eachother to give it’s users the full experience. Buttons like “Connect with Facebook” and “Find contacts on Twitter” are essential tools for new and upcoming platforms in my opinion. It’s just that more easy for the ones that are most important to them, the users.

  6. I applied yesterday for a profile, but I didn’t have the opportunity to really find out what it is. I’ve read here about it, and I think this could be fun, but I hope it’s no adaptation from Google+. In the beginning, they said it was something like the Facebook-killer, but I think it’s not for everyone right now. In my circles, there are 23 persons. They don’t post something anymore, because they don’t get a lot of reaction, so I think that we should wait for Google+, or Google+ is already dead.

    I agree with Nicolas Bauwens, the integration is really important these days, everywhere you want to sign in, you could use your Facebook or Twitter contacts. In this case, when you sign up with Facebook, you don’t need to import all your contacts again and again, but you have the suggestions now, who is where. Like Foursquare, they say there are some of your Facebookfriends on Foursquare, even when you don’t search for them.

  7. Don’t know what to think. Again a new social media site, only the focus in this one is different. So maybe it can reach a great amount of people and maybe it doesn’t. Like google+ but google+ is more like a substitute for facebook and this is working with facebook to create a whole new concept so maybe it works for this one, or it fades away as quickly as it started. Fourquare on the other hand was also a total new concept that did create a large number of users.

    so we never know whit social site’s i think.

  8. I have joined as well. It looks really good but I don’t think I will use it that often 🙂 I got my hands full with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

  9. Really liked this so I mad an account. It’s a new way to meet people and the best part is they are interested in the same things as you are . Just need to get the hang of it cause it’s al new. Got my doubts about whether it’s going to grow or not, cause we all got used to Facebook and Twitter.

  10. Xavi Repi says:

    I think Circle Me is the perfect complement to Facebook. Sometimes when I use Facebook I feel that there is too much data. I have many friends which I don’t know very much, I receive invitations to play games that I don’t like and I have to see news about things which I am not interested in at all. So, I think using Circle Me is a good way to get order from chaos. It allow us to connect with people with the same interests as ours as well as be updated about our hobbies and passions. I am going to join Circle Me right now!

  11. Carlos Romero says:

    From my point of view, Circle Me is a excellent idea for a new social media site, because you can know a lot of people who have the same interests like you, but also is a good opportunity for business because this site can help to know a little bit more about what the people want and need.

  12. David De Roeck says:

    it is a cool concept and certainly worth trying , it’s new and fresh . It could be it will not get the same attention as facebook but you have a great overview of intrests

  13. Rob Janssens says:

    Wow, this idea is kinda cool. It makes you connect with people much easier because you have the same interests.

  14. this was a flop! I think it’s because it doesn’t really invite you back… has the same problem, and I really like it’s really fun to see what your friends want to do and al ready did, but again you won’t find me visit it on a daily basis like we do with twitter and facebook.

    You’ll visit it the first week. But than you simply forget about it..

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