Flat Education – Share your story! Co-creation works!

Since some students ask me to share articles, links and other cool stuff. I’m opening up a post, on which can be commented with a relevant article, web link, …

That’s what I call co-creation! Maybe I missed something, or didn’t I spent attention to a post with should be on this blog or in my classes….This is your chance to co-create my/your/our content! If relevant and sticky, I’ll pick it up through commenting on it, posting blog post dedicated to this specific subject or even take it into class…

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6 comments on “Flat Education – Share your story! Co-creation works!
  1. Melissa Van Moeseke says:

    The introduction of a new technological innovation: grocery shopping via smartphone in South Korea

    This new technological scanning innovation, which is developed in South Korea, is an excellent solution for people who have a full time job. It’s a brilliant idea that you have the possibility to shop while you are waiting for the train or bus. A lot of people have a busy job, so they don’t have time to go after work to the supermarket. Shopping in this virtual store is very easy and saves time. You scan the QR-code of the product with your iPhone or smartphone, add the quantity and at the end you enter the desired delivery date of your choice. If you want some more information about a product, simply push the info button and everything will appear on your iPhone. A few minutes later, you can step on your train or bus and all your shopping is done!

    I would like to have some similar shops in Belgium too. In Belgium there are already some supermarkets online which deliver your products to your home, such as Caddy Home from Delhaize and Collivery from Colruyt. Both have created a free app for iPhone users, but the majority of their customers order by website. You can search on a list for what you need and then you can simply order a home delivery.
    This innovation in South Korea is much better because you feel that you are walking in a real shop. You can see the pictures of the products on a large billboard which makes the shopping tour much more attractive.

    Hopefully other similar ideas will soon be developed in Belgium or Europe. Who will hire first the walls from Metro in Antwerp or Brussels? Which stores will be able to do some business with their customers whilst they are in the bus stations?

    Watch this innovation on: http://www.springwise.com/retail/homeplus/

  2. Melissa Van Moeseke says:

    http://www.personalizemedia.com/the-count/ is a very interesting site if you love figures and stats about social media, mobile, games and heritage.
    You can see “a life count” per category, detailed in different types of survey: new members of Facebook and Twitter, number of tweets or downloaded iPhone apps, number of views of movies on You Tube, iPhone sales, sent text messages, etc….
    You have even the possibility to choose stats per second, per day, per week, per month or per year.
    I would like to share with you some interesting and amazing data.

    Worldwide, there are sent more than 1 billion tweets on Twitter per week. More than 460 000 New Twitter accounts are created on a daily base.
    We’ll notice almost 50 million likes of Facebook pages and 1 million new members who are joining Facebook daily.
    Each year people are downloading more than 10 billion iPhone apps.

    LinkedIn reached in March 2011 the incredible amount of 100 million members worldwide.
    Every week more than 1 million people become a new member of this worldwide professional network site. Note: almost 44% of their members are based in the US, 56% of the members are coming outside the US. Brazil and Mexico are the two most growing countries in joining new LinkedIn members.

    Each month minimum 2 million iPhones have been sold worldwide and more than 500 billion text messages were sent.
    Almost 120 million single music tracks are downloaded monthly.

    Now, it’s up to you. Please enjoy this fascinating world of life stream figures and stats about are future!

  3. http://www.last.fm/user/arnesjobbe

    I really love the concept of sharing your music taste, too bad nobody really uses it..

  4. Svenja says:

    Personal information shared worldwide –> But how to get TRANSPARENCY?

    That’s one of the issues which the organization “europe-v-facebook” is trying to achieve since several weeks now.

    All started with the 23-year old law-student Max Schrems from Austria. He presses charges against FB in 22 points. One of the goals: Everybody should be able to completely delete personal information which have been posted in the past.
    He made a request for his own data on FB and actually got a CD containing a pdf-file with 1200-pages long document (!!!) ….his data from 3 years of FB-membership.

    And everybody oustide the USA and Canada can ask for these files, because FB made one little mistake…….by establishing a subsidiary in Ireland they automatically commited their actions to European Law…..

    So if you are interested in your personal data stored by FB, than just try it and make a request…… the following link will help you:


    BUT just today I read this note:
    “Facebook is now in fact ignoring the right to access.
    Facebook is sending out e-mails in which they claim that you can download all data via the “account settings” page on their web page. In fact you only get a minimal amount of data when downloading this file.

    If you did not get full access within 40 days of your access request you may file a complaint with the Irish authorities. Please note that the Irish authorities have limited resources, so you may also consider waiting for the outcome of the authorities investigation.”

    Well, well, well….. I think it is really astonishing what is going on in this digital world and which possibilities but also dangers we are facing…..but I found it very interesting to observe this evolution!

  5. Patricia Padrón says:

    A few months ago, I read what my teacher has created a blog to make a co-creation project. I didn’t know much about this issue, therefore I interested in finding out more about it.
    It is a collective creation, where every comment is valid, however much they disagree.
    Currently, companies need the contribution of all groups involved in the production, distribution and consumption of what they are producing. We realize that interactive technologies have changed the behavior of people, some organizations invite customers to participate directly in the design of their products and services.
    People do not want to be imposed on products and services, but they expect to intervene directly in its design, with the communication and sharing their own experiences.
    If you feel part of something, maybe you have higher interest, motivation and participation in this subject.

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