Facebook keeps up the challange! Are you?

As reported earlier Facebook is introducing Facebook 2.0 with a lot of new features and looks like the Timeline, Social Apps, …. As always change creates resistance, some people think this is cool, other think it sucks! Especially young people find the new feel, look and features of Facebook cool and nice, while older people tend to be more sceptical (change is always difficult, especially when you adopt slower!)?

But maybe this time our young generation (digital natives) needs to be aware of the impact of this change for other reasons then the older generations (digital immigrants). While digital immigrants have a problem with finding all the new features and menu’s for proper use, most of the digital natives have already found a back-entrance to create their Timeline….unaware off opening up their complete Facebook history (not to mention their whole internet history, as Facebook seems to be tracking this as well – unaware off course!). (Privacy) settings weren’t always top priority when we posted stuff in the past. So every post, pictures, like, friend, share, event, …. you added without settings creates an item on the Timelins.  So you better make time to scroll down memory lane, and find oy what you have been up to on Facebook the last years…and start editing/curating your stuff (again).

So take the necessary time to create the proper lists, (privacy) settings, lay-out, …. before you unleash the Timeline! If used properly and controlled this is a really nice instrument, which can/will be used to give a nice overview on people’s lives! BUT be aware off what you share with whom….your boss, clients, …. don’t need to see your latest beach pictures of party updates, while your employer of colleague(s) want to know what you’ve keeps you busy (and especially job seekers need to create a Timeline for future employers, giving them accurate professional information on who they are, what their field of study and interest is, prior jobs, ….) The Timeline is a strong instrument to be used this way!

Good luck picking up the challenge!


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9 comments on “Facebook keeps up the challange! Are you?
  1. Mara Van der Auwera says:

    I think this renewal is a great evolution in the Facebook history.
    We, as digital natives, can’t wait to unleash the timeline! (Although I couldn’t unleash it, is there an easy way to do it?)
    I think it’s great everything is put in chronological order, so all the history is well-organized.
    You are also aware of your privacy and you maybe lock some of your party pictures for your employees and family members.

    The renewal also has some difficulties for Facebook immigrants, like you said.
    They won’t find a lot of (hidden) features and eventually quit Facebook.
    But if they get a great explanation how to use Facebook when they use Facebook for the first time, they ‘ll probably stay.

    I think Facebook should do renewals all the time, but also think at the newbies on Facebook!

  2. I found a way to reveal the Timeline, and I really like it! Timeline is completely new, and it keeps Facebook alive! When Facebook changes anything, there are people who like it, and there are people who dislike it, but after a while, everybody agrees with their changes.

    In my opinion, Facebook is a great site to show us that keeps us in track with some old friends. If you don’t want that they can see everything, you don’t add them on Facebook. People who think they’re going to lose your privacy, it’s better to stay off Facebook, and off the internet. Privacy these days isn’t the same as 15 years ago, the world has changed. We want to know everything from our friends, as they want to know it from us.

    The new Facebook is maybe a bit more difficult as it was, but I think, when you learn it, it really could be easy!

  3. In my opinion the Facebook-Timeline concept is very intresting. Like a coin, it has two different sides. First, we have the chronological, structural aspect of the new implementation. But in the meanwhile, we also have our ‘Facebook’ thrown upside-down and a lot of people will think ‘WTF’.

    At first, when I heard about the Facebook-Timeline, I was very excited, and couldn’t wait to have it. That’s why I (and a lot of people from the XM² group) had it weeks in advance of the Timeline release announcement.
    By following some simple steps, you could ‘unlock’ it – this feature was for Facebook ‘app’ developers only, so the trick was to make the most simplest app you could ever think of, and get a personal Timeline-invite from Facebook itself.

    Yes, this is cheating. But in the meanwhile we could see the pros and cons already.

    As I said above, it’s a very cool way of seeing your ‘life’. And yes, some ‘privacy’ questions ‘ll rise again, but in the end.. if your privacy isn’t protected on Facebook, most of the time, it’s just your own fault.. Don’t post everything on there, and most of all, use the special Privacy Settings.
    Now, next to the fact that it’s very ‘cool’, in my opinion it doesn’t really have big advantages (nor disadvantages), it’s more like a new way of seeing things, that’s been there before. Offcourse now you can post a new ‘milestone’ on your timeline, with the birth of your child, the purchase of a car, your marriage, etc..etc.. But still, for people who like to keep it a lot simpler, it’s kind of a surplus thingie.

    I really think they should’ve kept this feature OPTIONAL. People should be able to choose between the ‘classic’ and the ‘timeline’ view.

    And yes, as stated above, to us digital natives and social media junks, Facebook was very clear, and we understood everything about it, and I don’t doubt that we’ll understand the new Facebook ‘Timeline’ within like a month or so.. But those other millions of people who thought that Facebook on itself was difficult etc.. enough.. This is just another challenge, that they probably won’t take, and maybe a lot of the “newbie” Facebook users will leave this social network, who knows..

  4. I personally have not updated my facebook yet with the new ‘timeline’, but I am eager to try out the update in the near future. However I have learned a little bit more about the timeline on the internet and during several courses in the past weeks.

    I find the way facebook develops as a site very interesting: from a basic concept, a site that lets you communicate with others in a very simple manner, to a more expanded concept that let’s you share any thought, at any time and with a lot more options added. This can indeed be very interesting and fun for a lot of younger people, but as mentioned above I think (myself included) that a lot of people do not like this upgrade.The reasons for this are quite clear.
    First of all, people have to put a lot of effort in making a correct timeline where you do not reveal too much and yet reveal enough to have a nice profile. People are too lazy for this in general. Furthermore comes the privacy issues. It has caught a lot of attention in the public’s eye and a lot of people are being more secure with their privacy, but many still do not protect their privacy rights enough. Last but not least, this new upgrade is fancy, it’s fun but is it really necessary? A lot of people prefered facebook the way it was and wish to have it remain the same.

    That’s my thoughts about the subject! Dennis De Smedt

  5. Speaking of the Facebook Timeline, any news on the release of it? At first it was ’31th of September’, atm it’s the 18th of October and it still isn’t live yet.

  6. I do love timeline, but noticed also that I released some pretty stupid thing 3 years ago, so I cleaned most of it up. It’s a hard job researching all your facebook updates from 3 years ago. But it is worth it because timeline is a great improvement to tell people about your life. Or search back what you did in that time of your life.

  7. Ben De Swert says:

    I also installed the new Timeline for my Facebook. I think it’s interesting but I’m now even doubting to delete it. Before I read this article, I only saw the positive aspects of the new Timeline. But by reading this article, I realized that every friend of mine (also the ones who weren’t friend with me within the 3 years I have Facebook) now can see my full (Facebook) history. And there are maybe things I posted or things I liked that I don’t want them to see. So now I’m still in doubt and I’ll see how things will work out.

    Also I think the new standard sentences underneath the button “Health & Welfare” like “Lost a dear” and “Broke a leg” are over the limit.

  8. I have the Facebook timeline, but I still have the old Facebook layout. Don’t know how that’s possible but whatever.

    The timeline sure looks good, but as Ben said, people get to know everything you ever posted.. They could get mad at you. You could say, well then don’t post it, but it’s my FB I want to post whatever I want, don’t like it defriend me.. But people love it to spy on other peoples FB..

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