Facebook 2.0 or 3.0

Facebook finally made the jump….skipping the tradition, dumping the classic Facebook feel and copy…for a whole new Facebook experience! A lot of small changes were made in the last couple of days (like the list popping up), and with the F8-conference yesterday a lot of new stuff was to be expected (and unofficially announced).  Rumours said it was gonna be big….and yes it’s a huge transformation! Introduction of the timeline, and Social Apps integration…a whole new Facebook experience is going live on september 30th.

So is this Facebook 2.0….probably better Facebook 3.0. Facebook shows your life as a timeline to who you views your profile….I tested it this morning in the developer center, and wow it is cool (but apparently Facebook has taken it off-line again….sad, and I didn’t even take a screen..but we wait until the end of september for the full live version – only 7 days to go). With the app integration we can see who’s doing what, listening to which song and watching his new pictures, sport achievements, …. Bottom line, Facebook wants us to share more and more. this way we can create intense personal connections with our different networks….

But is the real goal Facebook has in mind….probably yes, BUT what’s in it for Facebook. Easy the more we share, the more data they have on us, the better they can create our full profile. And a good profile can be sold to advertisers, other third-party companies, …. for big hard money! Facebook will use this data silo to generate new executing tools who help you in creating a more personal approach…Facebook will do your thinking!

Since Google launched Google+, Facebook stepped up a notch integrating the stuff that Google+ introduced….So is Google+ dead already? They try hard, getting your attention, on the Google+ going Live.  But since almost 800 million users are already on Facebook, it will be hard for Google to be a real competition. The only way out is a full integration of all the online Google App-stuff with the Google+….and then it might get interesting for education and business to get social through Google+!

Exciting Times!

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12 comments on “Facebook 2.0 or 3.0
  1. It’s amazing how they keep finding new things to imply on facebook or to improve. The question is, will there ever be an end to all the changes and improvements?

  2. Rob Janssens says:

    Well I think we should see, not everybody has timeline at the moment and I don’t think lots of people will actually look at it that quick. It’s not that we care about their profile pages, it’s more about what we care what they say or do.

  3. Andrea says:

    I think sooner or later facebook will force everybody to use the new profile page, as they did before with other changes. First of all there will be a lot of posts like “we want the old facebook profiles back” or “if we get 200.000…..likes facebook will return to the old profiles”….
    After all…everyone will adopt to the new profile and add a lot of new pictures and informations to their profile, just because otherwise the profile would be quite “empty” with a timeline just from 2010 to 2012.
    And finally that’s the point for facebook.

  4. Gudrun says:

    I’m on facebook since several years and with every change I think about leaving it. It is getting better and easier for them to get more information with every chane and users have no possibility to choose. It’s kind of: Take it and love it – or leave it.

  5. Arno says:

    Before I jumped to Facebook a couple of years ago, I used StudiVZ. At that time it was a really cool social media platform especially in Austria. Then Facebook came up and changed the behavior of million people. In my opinion, there will always be something new…if it will be better, time will show.

    • ebj says:

      Has anyone heard so far of the next change – The Timeline on Facebook?!
      It was in the news today, this change will bring your life into a timeline – your timeline – your life.
      You better check whats on the net of you, because it will be much easyer to check what kind of statements you made 1, 2 or 3 years ago.

  6. ebj says:

    Is there any chance to leave a message without publishing contact details?

    • I believe there isn’t, and it is always nice to know who you’re talking with, or recieving comments from.

      I’ll look into the possibilities later, to check wether it is possible to not show your contact data.

  7. Jutta says:

    I think Facebook is trying to stay attractive for its users with everything they change, also with the new timeline feature. Additionally they try to get more and more user information. For example by the relatively new friend lists that you can create on Facebook, they try also to tie users to the network. Once you created your friend lists, which is quite time-consuming, you have another reason to stay on Facebook and won’t leave it.

  8. Simone says:

    Hardly accepted and understood the new applications on Facebook, a second later a new version is already available and changes the outlook or usage of some items at the page.
    Additionally to this fact, competitors of Facebook will enter the market what will pitch me in a situation where I have to rethink if Facebook is better or maybe the new provider!?! That exposes me to a kind of stress which I really DISLIKE.

    Although I am a everyday-user of social media etc., this fast moving change and those renewals are too much for me and so my interest on it disappears slow but steady.
    That’s the reason why I have nearly the same reasoning like Gudrun mentioned above: Facebook & co – I’m leaving you (soon)!

    • AndreasRzonca@FHV says:

      I also use social media especially Facebook almost every day because it is quiet cool to have all your friends and relatives in. But on the other hand you give many information about yourself in the internet. Facebook earns a lot of money selling personal data. For me it’s a critical issue being on facebook especially giving private informations and photos of yourself.

  9. AndreasRzonca@FHV says:

    But do we have different chances staying in contact to our “buddies”?

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