How Apple helps Windows back into the market

Microsoft launched Windows 8 yesterday, and yes…first impressions are cool, although I didn’t work with it the presented features look fresh and new. Windows 8 doesn’t look like the old and outdated Windows anymore! So productwize, Windows 8 can be a winner with an easy to use interface using tiles, has a fast start up (so they say) and is easy to integrate with smartphone and tablets, thanks to the already existing Metro operating system (which has a huge influence on this new Windows version and his integration with smart world).

So how does Apple help Windows to become the ‘new’ market leader (off course they still are, just looking at sales figures). Thanks to tons of pattents Apple has installed on it’s products and features, it’s battling Samsung’s android based tablets and smartphones….and they are winning huge in Europe! Samsung’s devices are to much a look-a-like of the Apple tablets, and Apple button for navigation, according to the European judges. Therefore with a huge competitor out of the picture, Apple helps the late market entry of Windows in smart market operating system….Windows will probably gain huge market shares in no time with this new OS.

With the joint venture of Windows and Nokia we’ll have to wait of there will be a real challenger for iPhone….but for now: everybody who expected Windows to be out of the game, WRONG, they made a big comeback and their future looks bright again….now let’s see what Nokia can do with this new operating system on their phones?!

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16 comments on “How Apple helps Windows back into the market
  1. Just looking at images of Windows 8 makes me sick. They are just copying the succes of the operationg systems of Apple. Now they even stole the idea from apple to set a powerbar on the desktop page.

    For the people who didn’t get this, just look up some screenshots of Windows 8 and you’ll get the point.

    As for the Iphone: there will never be a better phone then this one. Nokia and Windows can try to make something better, but they will never succeed because the are a bunch of copycats without creativity.

    A message to Windows: try to be innovative next time, instead of copying ideas from Apple and trying to get away with it unnoticed.

    For the people who don’t agree with me, this is just my opinion. If you’re pro Windows, no offence!

  2. Ben De Swert says:

    Although I’m a huge Apple fan, I’m sure Windows will one day overclass Apple’s look and operating system. They are trying everything to imitate Apple. Because of Windows’s (super) high market share they have the most profit of any operating system. That’s why they are capable to do research about everything Apple has to offer and everything they can copy without being charged.

    But I hope I will never witness that day.

  3. Mara Van der Auwera says:

    Kristiaan, you say you hate the idea the operating system of Apple being copied by Windows.
    A lot of Apple fans will think the same way you do and are willing to pay the price for the quality products of Apple.
    I don’t like the idea myself of copied stuff, because you steal someone’s ideas and the original idea is (most often) the best.

    But a lot of people are looking for the same quality Apple offers you but are not willing to pay for it. Because an Apple product is much more expensive than other brand products.
    A lot of people want the same quality for a lower price, and Windows can offer that to their customers.

    So it’s not always that bad other brands copying ideas, because the quality of the product will only improve.

  4. Maarten Weyn says:

    Hay, Im Not an apple fan , Although I like what they bring on the market.
    Im more of a opensource fan, because apple and windows are whey to overpiced for what the give you.
    And it really sucks, you have to pay every single thing you wan’t to download.
    You look at what a linux OS can do for you for free.
    It will get you to bee a opensource fan to, but yeah even @ KDG i can’t use opensource.
    Now everybody that did not use open source will think what are you talking about, i just say go on use it, give it a try.
    it’s not that easy to learn as mac os or windows but when you know it a bit you will stay with opensource. it almost never gives any errors
    But now on topic, it’s a good they copy the best features from other OS’s so the good thing can bee combined. What only makes it better for the end user!

  5. Alfredo Morreel says:

    For years nown, people have been underestimating Windows.
    It’s not because Mac looks so good and its perfect design, there’s more than meets the eye with laptops.

    Windows is still one of the leading companies in the world and although its design is less more perfect, the performance of their machines excel sometimes far better than a Mac.

    In my opinion it’s a good thing Windows still a worthy adversary for Apple.
    Apple has one strong negative point: the price.
    That’s the one thing Windows does offer: a realistic price for their products.

    I also agree that they aren’t perfect but hey, even a Mac can be infected with viruses and malware.

    There will be no winner in this ‘war’, both companies have their succeses and failures.

  6. Personally it doesn’t matter that much to me who has a bigger stock value or who copies what, I’m already very excited about the level of technology these companies are reaching. Who could have known we would reach this far in only a few years of smart marketing operation system productions?

  7. I love both brands. I love the compatibility of Windows and I love the design, interface of Apple.

    Here’s a reason why my desktop is Windows and not Apple.

    – Apple is not compatible with alot of games. And this is a major setback for me since i’m a pc gamer. I want to play the high- end pc- games at best graphics settings. And i can’t do this on a Mac.

    Here’s a why my next buy will be an Apple laptop.

    – Design: I love it! So nice in so many ways.
    – Battery lenght: speaks for itself ^^
    -User friendly interface.

    I probably always will combine these 2 brands with each other 😀

  8. David De Roeck says:

    windows has always copied ideas of other Os’s , windows is easy to work with and is mostly used by common people , nowadays a lot of students start using mac because of the design and the simplsity , i never used apple but a lot of comrades do and they refuse to return to windows , so my conclusion is that the new windows 8 will be very usefull but wil remind many of mac computers

  9. Rob Janssens says:

    Sorry, but I think the iPad is the same as an iPhone, but then bigger and imo, worthless. Lets copy our own style?
    Not that i’m hating Apple, I like their products and they manage to be very succesful, but Apple still has an image that the products are only for people who are a bit of the “outsiders”, Windows is so much more known than OSX. If Apple really wants to overtake Windows on the PC OS Market, they should add the gaming compactibility and then Windows would be destroyed. This is my opinion for a desktop, for a laptop I would think otherwise, the macbook’s are a ton faster than most laptop, the design is way cooler and it also has a trustworthy label (you won’t get a BSOD out of nowhere somehow) (also it has a very low latency = good for laptop DJ’s)

  10. It doesn’t matter who copied who. The fact is Apple and Windows need each other. Without their competition there would be less pressure to be innovative and create new products and OS. Its like the American and Russian ‘Space Race’.

  11. Sam Wouters says:

    I’m not really keen on Windows entering the smart devices market.
    They are originally focused on personal computers and I think thats where they should stay at. Going on in the smart devices market for example would just lead to more inevitable copying of Apple’s products, which they already seem to be doing now with their latest Windows.
    I like a healthy competition, but not if one brand is over a year behind another and copying all its features one by one.

    However I can understand that they copy a lot of things, simply because Apple does things in the most efficient way which makes it user friendly, there aren’t exactly endless ways of being user friendly, in the end you have to focus on what the people really want, which leads to Windows copying what Mac already figured out long ago.

    I do hope that if Windows can actually improve to make it worth using, they can come up with their own innovations and then we’ll really see which is the better out of the 2, Windows or Mac.

  12. I can’t wait to work with Windows 8, looks like they gave the OS a lot of improvements, and apparently it became much user friendly. Already checked the mobile phone os version of windows 8, and it looked nice, although I’ll stick to my Samsung GS2 with Android.

  13. @kristiaan Apple was the first with stealing other ideas. All their products were on the market long before they ‘jumped on the boat’ they just made them more elegant and optimised them. (You can see it on the price tag though)

    I have a macbook but I’m going to buy the windows 8 Nokia phone 🙂
    And I soooo want that samsung tab 10.1! It’s so much easier to work with than the iPad but that’s my personal opinion.

    BTW: If we all had the same products, the world would be really boring. And they wouldn’t have been nowhere near as far as the products are now.

  14. Nokia Windows phone**** -.-

  15. Alina says:

    They write that first impressions are cool. Well, what do you think. If they all take Apple as an example it’ s not that surprising. But it is a good thing they keep trying. This will make Apple think of better innovations and products from the best quality. The price for Apple products might be high but you get a unique design and very stable operating software. That’s why Apple always wins this competition!

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