Smart future of media and screen

2011 and everything has to be smart…The smart phone we all have, and next up smart TV. IAF showed the first ideas regarding smart television, but is this really the next big smart thing!? Let’s take a look at this smart tv, is this what we’ve been waiting for.

A television set with internet access featuring apps (like our smartphones and tablets) is nothing really innovation. It’s only adding knowing technology to a oldschool television…This way you gain access to the internet or whatever app feature that’s available, like newspapers, games, magazines, …. through your television set. But are we really waiting for this? Shure I check my newspaper online and with my favorite newspaper app, but I don’t want stand within arms reach of my television set to control this. We all know mouse and keyboard on our lap in the couch isn’t huge success. So until I can’t control my television set through my tablet or smart phone, this won’t smart television won’t work.

On the other hand smart television can be linked to the interactive social television which is finally taking off (very slow, but it’s taking of) with dual screen applications that run simultaneously on our tablets, participating audience through social media…is this incorporated in this smart television. It’s easier to use probably when the television set is a smart television, but controlling it still is a hassle, thinking back at a basic keyboard and mouse approach I talked about earlier.

So up next for our developers is to create a connection (through Wi-Fi and the cloud) between our smart features so I can sit back and relax in my couch to watch and control my smart television.
In a not so far future our smart devices will probably use virtual or augmented reality features to get a similar effect. But basic device will remain our (virtual) smart phone or tablet.

For now we have to deal with the ever-changing face of our screen. I don’t want to speak about a television, or tablet, or PC monitor…let’s just call it a multi-purpose screen, used to watch television, or to work at, play games, …..

Some creative guys at a design studio gave an impression on the new iPhone5 which is showing some basic ideas on how to see future screens and smart phone (control).

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8 comments on “Smart future of media and screen
  1. This is sadly to awesome to be real! It reminds me of a lot of sciencefiction movies and games! Who needs keyboards or screens when you’ll be having it all in one tiny piece of brilliant technology?

    It’s maybe unreachable for now but I hope and I’m pretty sure that this will be possible in the near future.

    I can already Image that when you’ll be calling someone, a sort of hologram of yourself appears on the phone of the one you’re calling!

    I can’t wait for what the future will bring us soon!

  2. This is absolutely awesome, the phone is definitely a must have. Although i still prefer a normal keyboard instead of the whole touch or laser thing.

  3. Thank God i’m still young. Probably we will see this new features in the future. I don’t really like the ultra thin concept. I still want a grip on my phone. The keyboard is really awesome, so easy to use, fast typing on every surface,… the smart TV is also awesome.
    They would still have to fix alot of problems like batery lenght and storage capacity.

    Altough this seems far a way, I think it will be sooner there than we can imagine.

    Looking forward to the Future!

  4. An Nelen says:

    This is one of the reasons I wanted to study XM2. It’s is so exciting to see how far we got already and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Of course we need to stay realistic but there are enough examples of inventions we thought wouldn’t ever be possible.

    I can already imagine how a ‘smart house’ would look like. If it would be possible to make.

  5. David De Roeck says:

    if this concept can be realised it would be awesome , it would become a new era in technology and it would change a lot , can’t wait to find this technology not only on iphone but on all smartphones or pads

  6. Sam Wouters says:

    The concept seems interesting and what jumps out most is the fact that this Smart TV would grow towards other smart tools. Nowadays the iPod touch is pretty much an iPhone without call/text options, the iPad is a mix between a Macbook and an iPod, etc.

    These smart tools keep growing together and eventually they will be combined in one, if you think about it, they aren’t even that far off considering they can all perform the basics with an internet connection, e-mail, making pictures, writing text messages, browsing the internet, sharing and synchronizing information and much more.

    However there would be quite some complications in bringing everything together in 1 tool, mainly because not everyone has pockets big enough to carry a laptop, or the arm strength to call with one..
    This would require that tool to have functions that go beyond its physical size.

    I’m curious to see what the future brings on this subject, what the first stages of this tool will be like and ofcourse, which company comes up with it 🙂

  7. Maarten Weyn says:

    Oh very nice !
    i still won’t buy the iphone but wen it comes to android i would buy one just for this features, because its like so unreal typing you message on you table, look at pic’s that are projected and just the idee alone make me wan’t to lose my laptop and buy me a iphone but then again its waaaay overpriced
    but i would like the new apps on smartphone that make the screen and the keyboard.

  8. Juergen Fink says:

    It’s cool to read such an article which is 1.5 years old. Actually I already have a smart TV at home and it is really cool. You don’t need to really on the bloody program that you receive from thousands of stations which at the end doesn’t show you what you want to see. Having a smart TV with access to an online video shop is perfect. The only problem I still have is that I have to agree with my wife which movie to watch.

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