#Jobs of #Apple – just a bright future if…

Almost a week since Steve Jobs resigned as CEO from Apple….but still everybody keeps writing about it. Why Jobs left? What is going to happen with Apple without Jobs in command?  and so on…. But I think the real question is: Why is everybody so fond of  Steve Jobs? He is off course the Apple Icon who lifted the ‘Apple’ brand up, with a clear strategy and vision!

In my Apple – Case you can see a brief version of the Apple history, and why the role of Steve Jobs was so important.
But lets take a look a the future!
Steve Jobs had a clear vision on how the Apple future would look like….but had a great team around him. This team has been at his side for many years now, and really got the hang of the Apple feel and touch. Tim Cook, the ‘new’ CEO, was already Steve Jobs right hand for years. Jonathan Ive has been the creative source for all Apple products for many years and Philip Schiller transformed the Apple company into a lean mean operations machine. With Steve Jobs out of the daily picture, this 3 people will keep on playing key-roles in the future of Apple.

With the iCloud in pole position, the iPhone 5 waiting around the corner and the iPad first mover advantage the near future is safe….and knowing Steve Jobs a lot of new ideas will be at the drawing table waiting for further exploration.  With Tim Cook in control, these ideas will see the light of day, and probably thanks to his close relationship with Steve jobs, Tim Cook will be able to lift Apple into the new decade with fresh ideas and quality products.  The Apple Business Model is solid, safe and dynamic enough to deal with the end of the Jobs era (which was coming one way or another).

The stock markets also feel this ‘positive’ vibe for the past Jobs-era. The first reactions on the stock markers where calm and only a slight drop was visible when the news broke. So a real big drop in the Apple stick price is not to be expected in the future (as long as the Apple philosophy remains intact: good visionary and quality products!)

To be Continued…

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