Rate my dress? … Why a #Twitter mirror isn’t such a good strategy!

Holiday season, so not much News to report…unless a bad marketingstrategy?
Today I read an article in a Belgian newspaper (Het Nieuwsblad) about a Tweet mirror in a WE fashion store in Woluwe (Brussels). With this Mirror you can a picture of you trying on your new dress, tweeting it, or posting this on your Facebook … So friends, and anybody in your circle who cares, can rate your next purchase…as if I’m waiting for this?

Off course we aren’t, but WE fashion probably want to build a community around its brand and fashion. Is this the right to go? I can’t imagine why it is….
First, the procedure to get picture on your Twitter or Facebook. The initial picture loads to the corporate Facebook store page, from where you have to Tweet and ‘Like’ … a 2-step process is always 1-step to much, and needs a good manual… The store reps admits this, and says uploading to your own facebook page will soon be possible (hopefully).
Off course, this way you build an instant community of people who are not realy your community. They only use your network to connect to theirs….wrong method to reach this goal!
It’s not about the number of fans, or likes, it about what you do with your fans and followers (dixit The Brandbuilder).

Second, the waiting phase….as if I’m going to wait in the store untill my friends react to my new dress, pants, …. Unless you inform people of your shopping tour, I don’t think anybody is waiting for this picture….and if you realy want someone ‘s advice, he’ll probably take a picture and send it with his/her mobile! Faster reaction time guaranteed.
Besides the fact that I don’t want to share my ass, body, … with the whole online world trying on clothes that might not fit me, or look realy awfull on me!

If you want to build a network of fans, users, customers, buyers, …. you might want to try a different approach! Ask them to share their new clothes on your page in an original setting, or discuss about the best way to wear the new collection! You want online ambassadors, who share spontaniously instead of a ‘forced’ like or tweet! Again less is more, it’s not always about the big numbers, but what you do with them.

This Tweet mirror shouldn’t all be bad, instead of the rating part, it’s better used for ‘a look with I bought strategy’ where you engaged in an active way to share the brand spirit and store fashion! I simple one-click action mirror where you share your newest clothes (that fit you)… Could be more succesfull tot build a community of brand ambassadors.
Add some augmented reality and you might have a hit….create scènes where you can see your new dress, pants, …. in an authentic setting, see if it fits the atmosphere?! And start sharing this, add a poll or competition and start a dialogue with your customers…who knows what’s next in this active relationship? Retention?

Have an online content and conversation manager ready to deal and talk to your online ambassadors, build an online community is hard work and needs a good and clear strategy. Probably or hopefully WE fashion has an online staregy….but a Twitter mirror doesn’t have to be part of it, in my opinion! Or at least not in the way it is used now…

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