Social media day Antwerp (#smdaybe) – @brandbuilder masterclasses

June 30th – a day to remember as this day is called world-wide Social Media Day.
To celebrate this occasion the boys of conversionation had teamed up with Olivier Blanchard aka The brandbuilder (@thebrandbuilder) to organise 4 masterclasses and a big party afterwards at Social Media Day Antwerp (#smdaybe @smdaybe)
400 Social media adepts attended the masterclasses and got bits and pieces on different subjects by Olivier! This was a great afternoon with cool insights and very, very, very much information…I hope Olivier survived this marathon session!?

So what did I catch as (new) insights (or top stories this afternoon):

Mobile has a huge impact on community feeling.
Mobile devices have changed the way we communicate and interact in a community.  We can be in touch with our community whenever we want….this opens up new and different ways of communication and exploration of places, feelings, attitudes, shopping, … We are always connected to our (worldwide) community, in a very local way!

Social media isn’t only about acquiring customers.
Social media has been connected with Marketing since it’s launch a few years ago, BUT marketing is most of the time all about acquiring new customers….less is true! Social media shouldn’t be claimed by marketing, but should be claimed by ‘business’ as a whole.  Social media should focus on more than just acquiring customers. Social media should also be about working with those customers, helping them share positive experiences about your brand, product, …. Only few companies have stepped up this path….TIME FOR A CHANGE!

“You can’t measure the value of a Facebook fan. Who says he can is full of shit!” (dixit the brandbuilder)
Couldn’t agree more….what’s the value of a Facebook fan….I don’t know. It should be about what you can do with this fan! Work on direct interaction with this fan, and create an ecosystem where he can share his ideas and insights to the community.

“You should embrace criticism”
Although this is hard for a lot of people, be shure to be on top of your online conversation about your brand/product/company/…. Listen, and respond, learn from criticism, but react in correct and positive way. Criticism gives good insights on how your company works (or fails), but you now you know….so reacting on and off-line is possible.
Make shure your tone of voice always is adequate, consistent, truly social and positive. Don’t argue online….you can’t win a conversation battle online! (and be shure to react properly off-line)….and say ‘Thank you’ in the end.

Social media manager
Do you have a social media manager/conversation manager/… ?  It’s good to have one, but make shure your organisation as a whole is up to date with the online conversation. Everybody in your company is an ambassador of your company….make shure they act like one! This is something the social media manager can facilitate or plan. A social media manager is part about planning, but also part about improvisation. Be shure to be ready when a crisis situation hits your company to react online as well….don’t hide online. Try to build a crisis communication plan for online media which can be rolled out, when a crisis occurs….Does your company have an online crisis plan? (At the party afterwards, a lot of people reacted to this subject as TO DO!)

ROI of social media
Even asking this question is wrong….but be shure to read the book Social Media ROI from the brandbuilder where he explains how to deal with the ROI of Social Media.
Bottom line: You can’t calculate with fans, likes, hits, … so you need to count in cold hard Dollars/Euro’s even when you’re using social media. Make social media measurable and ask how this wasn’t touched by social media…social media can’t be blamed for everything!

Great afternoon, nice insights….let’s see what next year will bring.
Afterwards, I enjoyed a great party and got inspired by a lot of people (THX Olivier Blanchard, Dutch Cowboy, Vincent Van Quickenborne, Carole Lamarque, Bruno Peeters, Stefanie Gubbi, Helena van Eyckeren, …..)



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