Social Media and #Job hunting

We’re hiring new staff….woohoo! This means I’m in business for checking out all those fresh candidates online!
How does your online life match with your curriculum vitae? I found it very important to make shure that the on-line matches the off-line. This way I get a complete 360°view on the candidate.

So where do you/we start?
Off course the curriculum vitae (CV)…where a fresh candidate shows his life, status, education, experience, ….
Next up checking the online versions….are they corresponding? Depending on the job opening I found it very interesting to see how the candidates interact and present themselves online.  If you’re hiring a social media manager (f.i.), he can present you a great resume, but when his own private social media plan is the opposite of what your company wants, you might want to think again about hiring this guy! A conversation manager should be about open, positive and professional communication…So when the candidate’s profile is completely sealed with the highest privacy levels, I don’t think he’s matching the profile. He isn’t able of being a social media manager for is own account, let alone for a business account!

So huge tip: make shure your online profile is matching your off-line, and use social media to your advantage.
LinkedIn and Facebook are cool tools to build an online CV. Use the correct privacy settings on Facebook, to show you can manage a Facebook profile professionally. Make shure to show and hide the right pictures to your future employe. If you claim to be sportive, make shure your Facebook profile shows a few pictures. Education, working experience need to be shared not hidden…show it, build references through those channels!

Second tip: add online content to your off-line CV. Please exist online, don’t play dead in the flat world!
Use Slideshare uploads, YouTube movies, own website, blog, QR codes to pimp your off-line CV! It’s important to share knowledge these days, so why not share your knowledge…creative commons, you know?! Add more content and insights to your 4 page resume! Make shure your future employer gets to know you!

When I’m hiring, I’m looking for an online profile which matches the off-line CV and has knowledge to share, and doesn’t hold back on information. If you’re hiding information, or falsely pimping your CV, we’ll probably track it down through the on-line channels…always awkard when this happens!
Hopefully I inspired you to build a viral on/off-line CV for your next job!

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11 comments on “Social Media and #Job hunting
  1. Judith Bote says:

    Years ago, when we applied for a job we only took care of our CV and personal image. Now, things have changed. This post seems to me very interesting because it makes you realize how important is the image that you show in your social network profile.

    Last week, I read in a Spanish newspaper that some companies as EasyJet or Virgin Atlantic have dismissed some of their employees because of their comments on Facebook. So, as we can see social networks are more than simply nets where people chat with friends and comment pictures. They can be used for being dismiss or hire employees. It depends on how we use them. Our profile shows how we are, which are our interests or what kind of friends we have. Now, we only have to be coherent with our CV. I think that Facebook and other social networks can be more an advantage than a disadvantage.

  2. Anna Payret says:

    I think that current economic situation and the mass use of social networks have played an important role in the new ways of recruiting staff. There are more people available for work and Human Resources staff can do, in most cases, a more accurate search on the future employees through social networks.

    Twitter and Linkedin are really useful tools to find a job. In a Linkedin’s profile there is just professional information. Facebook seems to be more for “keeping in touch with people you already know”, because with FB you are sharing a lot of stuff: parties and events you are going to attend, number of friends, pictures from your last party, posts in the wall, etc. However we all know that the best way to get a job is through networking and so our social network can help us a lot. There is not discussion in that topic: FB helps us in taking care of our small or huge social network.

    In my opinion the dilemma is: how to keep the personal life separate from the work life.

  3. Carlos Romero says:

    From my point of view, nowadays is imprescindible to have a on-line C.V. if you are looking for a job. If we return few years ago we can see that people used to apply for a job just had a normal C.V but also, companies just could to know the candidates throught their curriculums and personally. Now, this situation is changed, and a everbody can to know about you by social network like Facebook or LinkedIn. So, we have to be careful about our profiles in the social networks because social network like “facebook never forgot”. Moreover, I would like to show another possiblity of curriculum on line which is “Video C.V.” and is very useful for candidates and companies like a first step between read the C.V. and to ask for a first meeting; for example in my home university there are a specialized area for help students to make a on-line curriculum (

  4. Mariusz Kaczmarek says:

    This is the reason why we should always be aware about the information which we are sharing online. Some people are completely forgetting that we are not anonymous in the internet. Most of our actions can be tracked and used against. It’s very important to think of the consequences while being online. Regarding to the post it can not only create problems but also have positive influence.

    That’s why we should be always aware of our internet profile and how our future employee will look at us. In my opinion our online profile is more vital and accurate then our offline, traditional CV. Online CV gives our future employee opportunity to look at us from all different angles. It can work in both ways: help us get a new job or get us even fired. Link below it’s a pretty good example that we always should think twice before posting on internet 🙂

    That’s why at all time we have think about the information we are sharing on the internet and remember that we are not anonymous!

  5. My facebook page is on high privacy settings I think, and I did that because I don’t want people I don’t know ,looking trough my pictures and not because I have a closed personality . I think when you are hiring somebody shouldn’t you respect his/hers privacy?

  6. Bart Ufkes says:

    Nowadays you have to think twice before you post something on your online Facebook/ LinkedIn/twitter account because more and more human resource departments are also checking out the Facebook accounts of a potential employee! Why wouldn’t they? It is public so you can’t blame the company for not hiring you because of what you have posted on it.
    There are many stories about people being fired because of what they posted on their Facebook about their boss or whatever but I think it is their own fault. They should think twice before posting anything on their public wall.

  7. Juliane Siebelts says:

    I think it’s very important to take care about what you’re posting on the social-media platforms. I put my Facebook-account private and I use a nickname because for me Facebook was always more like a fun-platform for sharing pictures and funny videos and so on with my friends. To be honest I don’t want my future boss to see tagged pictures of me drinking at a party or reading my 2-years old statuses where I discussed stupid things with friends. That just gives him the wrong impression and says nothing about my professional skills.
    But platforms like LinkedIn are especially created for looking for companies and keeping in touch with them. I just created a profile in LinkedIn a few days ago, but I don’t use it at the moment and won’t use it before applying for jobs. I wouldn’t use it for the same things like I use Facebook. LinkedIn is more the platform for professional life.
    However, even my profile is set private on Facebook, I won’t ever post a negative status about my boss. That is just thoughtless and honestly, also stupid. I wouldn’t even complain about my boss in front of each colleague in real life because you never know…..

  8. Fabien BRENIER says:

    I’m completely agree with you when you write that we need a online cv, now social networks are very important to share the information and an account in Linkedin is compulsory. But I’m not agree when you took the example of the conversations manager who has the high privacy setting. Shouldn’t he the right to separate work and private life?

  9. Stéphanie says:

    7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media!
    Very useful website 🙂

  10. Maria says:

    I think, LinkedIn can be very usefull! I hope, In my future, I can use this website to get a new job (for example) I also think that it will become more important in the future. Every employer is going to check sites like this, and employees are required to have a profile on sites like this! But with this information, there is also a problem. Employers are also able to see negative things of you.. especially on facebook.. so my advice will be: Be carefull!

  11. I don’t like the idea at all that people search my name and then find out things that I liked maybe years ago and totally forgot about that, but that gave them the wrong first impression.

    I never used my real name online because of this. I don’t trust facebook’s ‘privacy settings’ because frankly there is no real privacy. If someone knows a friend of yours, they could get acces to your account through them. How do you know if no one else is watching a long with the friends you got in your friends list? You don’t.

    So I keep everything to myself on line.

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