Why #social better becomes the new normal!

We all know the impact of IT – flat world – has on our lives….it’s huge, it’s fast and never seems to stop. Within these 3 short sentences lays the challenge of the future…the learning decade as it has been called, where knowledge isn’t power (Francis Bacon – you know) anymore…but where knowledge becomes survival!

The speed of the flat world holds great challenges for companies and people for the next decade.  Everyday we have thousands of information touch points (on our fingertips) with knowledge to be learned. But learning in this multi channeled information society has become a survival of the fittest….
Companies demand that every employe is up to date with the latest […], but hold back on opening up communication channels for their employees. First mistake: the communication becomes in hand, when an employee brings his smartphone…as an employer you better facilitate your employee to have access to a multichannel information society.  On the other hand side, a good training on how to manage and curate this information is mandatory. Divide and curate your information to different people and let them share and collaborate from different perspectives to the same subject. This way innovation and creativity are stimulated!
The employer should be coaching this new way of social working and develop knowledge workers! Instead of being the great inspirational creative guru who holds the ‘one and only’ knowledge! Don’t be afraid to share….social knowledge (is more than 1+1)

Off course this means our knowledge workers have to be trained and skilled in content curation, information management and collaboration! This is the challenge for the learning system of the next decade….we still believe the old education paradigm, where everybody is tought exactly the same way because the have the same age and that a question only has one answer….in the knowledge society, where information  is survival, we need to stimulate individual strengths, creativity and collaboration.  A new educational paradigm is needed. Sir Ken Robinson has some nice insights on how this new educational learing paradigm can work.

A new educational paradigm that is empowered by society as a whole, can create a new dynamic educational system which feeds our society with social knowledge workers…

And the time to change is now, not tomorrow….since our current workforce never had a proper training nor education on being social, connected and collaborative….This week a study revealed that the younger generations are becoming more stressed due to the fact that the can not manage or curate the connected information society  (if compared with the elder generations).  So if we train our future employees to be social and capable of surviving the information cascade thanks to good curation and management, I think we might be able the open en bright, creative future!


Thank you Peter Hinssen for your inspiring work on ‘The New Normal’ (in Ducth: Digitaal, het nieuwe normaal) It inspired me to my title!

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2 comments on “Why #social better becomes the new normal!
  1. “Zum Durchschnitt verzogen” (spoilt/twisted to the average) was the title of a newspaper article i just read yesterday morning. It is about a recent book publication titeled “Die Durchschnittsfalle” (the average trap) written by Markus Hengstschläger, a Viennese geneticist. He states that society has reached a point at which the knowledge of every individual is only on an average level. there are “no” highly intelligent people around, and “no” stupid ones. everyone seems to share the same, average level of knowledge.

    According to him it is the rigid, obsolete educational system that has been used for ages that let to this point. more or less all kind of people, different individuals with different interests from different backgrounds have been tought exactly the same way at school, whether they were interested in special topics or not. they were forced to perform average in each subject to pass school. Consequently strengths were less focused on and pressure was on improving on weaknesses.

    Luckily step by step, people realize that the environment – social and economic – has changed, the world is becoming global and the needs and requirements have altered. actually there is a big lack in specialized knowledge workers that are highly qualified in certain areas, which constitutes a big problem for many companies world-wide – lack of qualified personnel.

    but where to start off to change that?
    one extremely important aspect to change is the way how education is organized and handled – the educational system needs to be totally reorganized. individual strengths and interests need to be fostered and supported more intensely to let people develop their competencies where they have them. as mentioned in the text above “we should wake children up to what is inside of themselves” and build up on these interests and talents.
    it is paradox to work on weaknesses while forgetting about the strength – the result is being average in all fields… and that is exactly what Markus H. says is wrong.

    however, the big question that remains: how to educate the young generations to fit in the new economy?

    In my opinion the need for action is urgent, especially as the environment changes faster and faster and becomes always more unpredictable.
    education will be a major topic society will need to deal with and find good solutions, otherwise, a great risk i could imagine is, that technology will overrun people and human beings will not be able to deal with all the information, machinery and tools available in the future.

    however, how reorganizing the educational system will constitute a major challenge… what do you think?

  2. I have red the book Supperconnect. The whole books summarises the power of social media networks and how they work. They also show what weak and strong links do. How the information evolves and what happens with the information. I thought it was a very good book with alot of information. They explained what happened with weak links and how you can make them stronger. The more fsocial you are how stronger the links will get. More and more people will read it and share it so your link will get stronger and stronger.

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