#Socialnomics 2011

We know how it all started…
“Did you know?” movies on YouTube, and then the big breakthrough of the Erik Qualman vid on Socialnomics in addition to his to be published book. Since then numbers have changed…for instance if Facebook would be a country it would be the 3th largest on this planet. The web evolves so fast that every number in a movie is already outdated even on the publishing date…but then again it’s a nice visualisation of the socialnomics world!

Now here’s an updated version for 2011 with new interesting numbers enclosed!

It’s a pity that the music of the first vid isn’t re-used. Fat boy Slim really gave the movie a drive and feel…the new music doesn’t push it so much!
But then again it’s about the content, not the music!


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3 comments on “#Socialnomics 2011
  1. Au contraire! The music used in this video is powerful and spiritual. It lifts up at the right time, and doesn’t get distracting or annoying when you’re trying to understand what is being said. It gives a feeling of greatness, and amazement.

    I really like this video and everytime somebody asks “Why is social media so important to you?” or “Why do you study cross media management?” I show them this video. It emphasises on the facts and figures, in an entertaining way.

  2. Judith Bote says:

    I’ve started reading the book Socionomics. When I first saw this video I realize how social media is changing our lives. Social networks are part of our daily routine. We check our Facebook profile more than 4 times per day, we tweet what is happening around us and we get the latest news from our social networks. All those things were unbelievable for me two or three years ago. That’s why I chose that book. In it, Erik Qualman gives some interesting examples that reflect how social media is influencing people and companies. One think that shocked me that I didn’t know before is that the president Barack Obama won the elections thanks to social media. Their speeches were posted on You Tube unlike their opponents. Apart from that, I’m realizing that social media is changing marketing concept. Tv adverts are unfashionable and expensive. Now, companies plan strategies about how are they going to show their products on Hi5 or Facebook. Companies save lot of money thanks to them.
    I will keep reading it. I think that I can learn lot of interesting things which will make me realize how Spotify, You Tube or Facebook have changed also my live.

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