Social media as an educational tool

Education in the 21th century can’t be the same as education in the 20th century…
As I already stated in my prior post I’m a true believer of collaborative education where a teacher is a facilitator, the guy who gives a structure, and the students are the real knowledge workers.

A major role as a tool (never a goad) can be social media in every form you can think of; microblogging, Facebook, Blog, wiki, … Social media can be the platform to engage and enchant the students…but recognizes also the student as an individual learner! In my presentation I see a couple of challenges…and when I give this presentation, I can see they are real challanges; like mindset (both teacher and student side!), choosing the right algorithm for social media use in each learning context (which is always different – topic, subject, students, ….) and last but not least sharing of knowledge (breaking down the barriers and collaborate).

If you want to this presentation alive and kicking in your learning/working environment, don’t hesitate to contact me (flatworldbusiness@gmail.Com)!

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3 comments on “Social media as an educational tool
  1. jmsinnz says:

    I didn’t get past the student video, but what I’ve seen to that point is enough to send you a genuine request to share your presentation with me.

    In gratitude,

    PS – I’ll make good use of it.

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