Co-Education = Co-Creation = Social Education = Engagement

I was blown away today (thank you #bnox) with an inspirational film on the new educational paradigm.

Since I’m in education myself, I couldn’t agree more with the following:
“We’ve messed up! Our students aren’t ready to build their career in the real world, since we don’t prepare them for the real world” (sorry fellow colleagues….).

From kindergarten on, we try to educate them in a linear way….which is wrong, since not everybody can be as good in everything, but we still keep them on the same line – like “date of fabrication determinates were you are in your educational status” (love this one!). Off course not…every student is different and unique (check out Edushock (Lannoo Campus – by Dirk De Boe, Bernard Lernout, Pieter Sprangers) and needs te be recognized as one! So lets start building structures to prepare them for 21t century society where nothing is linear and information is overloaded, and where we teach collaboration as the most important part of growing and learning (nowadays this is called cheating in education)…

If I can’t convince you, be shure to check to check this video by sir Ken Robinson

In my opinion social education and co-creation can play a big role in this new educational system (with social media in the heart of this educational organisation –  but more on this in my social media for education post – Tomorrow!). Hopefully we can create a new way of educating where we can recognize a student as a unique person and educate and develop every talent he has got (and not the talents we think he should have!).

To be continued….

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One comment on “Co-Education = Co-Creation = Social Education = Engagement
  1. Erik Dubois says:

    Could not agree with you more? So let us change it one step at a time.

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