#TwunchQ through the eyes of twitter

It’s always great to Twunch, especially when it’s organised by our very own (demissionary) Minister Q… The minister always on top of digital (r)evolutions tries to connect with ‘interested’ people on recent digital topics. Since a few of colleagues were among the happy few…I did a small follow-up on Twitter….This is my observations through a twitter eye!

A couple of people are looking for a ride…or hoping to meet up with fellow Twunch-ers through Twitter even before the Twunch got started….At the start you notice a lot of check-ins….but with few information! Catering apparently prepare good sandwiches, as was the (in)crowd. A couple of interesting networks erupted thanks to the Twunch. (Social) Networking goal….check! (Maybe not so difficult, if you look at the guest list!)

Snapshots are shared….a bright view over Brussels, tweeting people, …. Getting the TwunchQ vibes….check!

But regarding content a couple of people were disappointed, while others were trilled….and off course this is difficult to measure….but still a lot of people felt like this was a good promotional speech on behave of the presenters (especially regarding goodbytes). Social media  (Twitter in this case) did the rest.
Other topics could have been better choosen….but Twitter fails to say which on. Most of the time you just get small information on what’s going on….Pity I hoped to get some more insights as well. Following the content…NO check! (Not possible through Twitter)

Good for the electoral status of Minister Q as well (according to a couple of tweets)

A lot of people are already looking forward to the 4th Twunch in June….already on the stand: Geert Noels from Econopolis on Economics and social media…when and how to register www.tweetvite.com and maybe will meet there!

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