The Cost of Social Media

The social media fad is gone, social media is here to stay…but if you look around and ask who is using it business wise, few will raise their hand. Reasons differ: I don’t know how to use it (properly), I don’t need social media presence (shame to even think this in 2011), … and what does this cost me and what are my net benefits?

Off course I don’t have an accurate answer, but I can tell you social media doesn’t come for free (at little cost, or little time). The next infograph (click it to see it in full!) shows different costs and generated benefits!

Always keep in mind: staff costs, external costs (building stuff you can’t do in-house), advertising (as part of the social media campaign) and others!
While main benefits often don’t mention a sales increase….but in my opinion still worth while since consumer satisfaction and engagement will probably mean more sales (as a second wave!)

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3 comments on “The Cost of Social Media
  1. I personally think that it is a company’s own (dumb) choice to not involve social media into there marketing plan. Oké it may be expensive but It may well pay off. It may be a risk and if they are willing to take it thats up to the company. I don’t look tv verry often anymore, I’m constantly on my pc so I don’t pick up commercials anymore and I’m certainly not alone! I’don’t miss the commercials but if there fun to watch or original like the commercials of : Coca Cola ,T-mobile etc. ,I don’t mind watching or looking at them!

  2. Rodrigo Gelle says:

    I do hope I will receive this much money later! 😉 I don’t think people should be afraid to integrate social media in their business. Social media for me has already proven its use. You shouldn’t see the extra costs as something useless, but as something necessary! New jobs will keep on rising, jobs concerning social media are simply a couple more of those.

  3. If you need a commercial to promote your facebook page then I think you are doing it wrong. Social media doesn’t need as much costs as the advertising we know now.
    If you do it right and you are really engaged on the social media sites. You’ll benefit more of the customers than you’ll think.

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