Interesting Times – Skype, Cloud, AVOS

Again 2011 is an exiting year for online (social) media…roumours of a new bubble, take-overs, new players, ….

You probably read it, heard it, … tweeted about it…but Microsoft has taken over Skype for a staggering $8.5 Bio. Giving the former owner eBay a huge return on investment. But why did Microsoft want to buy Skype? Microsoft needed a glue between his different components regarding video, voice and sharing technologies. Skype will probably be embedded and integrated in different Microsoft applications like Hotmail, outlook, live, … but will also enter the living room through the kinetic and Xbox. This means that online communication, video conferencing, phone calls, .. just entered millions of living rooms, and become accessible for a whole new audience. (And off course Google did get it….yes competition is always around in the flat world.)

The huge amount, $8.5 bio, again starts discussion about a possible (social media) internet bubble.  LinkedIn also is hoping to collect $3.3 bio through an IPO later this month.  If you know LinkedIn has only got 1/13 or $250 mio on revenues…you just wonder. How and why would they want to collect so much money? But with this IPO out, LinkedIn is the first social media company who officially (over)values his assets, technology, …. I’m not investing, since Facebook is aiming at the professional market as well, and therefore LinkedIn will get into troubled times.

Avos is a completely different story…2 of the original entrepreneurs of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, are again entering the social media world. First with the acquisition of Delicious from yahoo, and just yesterday with the take over of Tap11 an analytics platform…and what’s next! It’s for shure that the sky is again the limit for those boys…intergrating bookmarks and analytics is probably the first step into an integrated service they want to offer their customer. There will probably be a good insight on customer added value to be reached through a combination of this services. As they write in their press-release: “create the world’s best platform for users to save, share, and discover new content” Which content is a bit flew right now, but wait and see….to be continued!

After Amazon Google launched it’s cloud player this week….we all know cloud is the future of storage and access, but I didn’t Amazon and Google to be the first companies offering this services… I was convinced Apple would be the first mover, but Amazon has first mover advantage, and even had a back door open to integrate the Amazon Cloud on iOS devices today. I’m looking out for the Apple move on this…will they be able to beat the first mover?

Interesting Times, and for sure to be continued !

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