Social Media Use by Belgian Companies – Work to be done!

A survey by Leads United on social media use in Belgian companies

The Social Media catch up Forum (#LUsmCU) this morning showcased the staggering results. The research was conducted for the 4th time and even shows how fast Social Media is taking (or not) taking the stand in businesses nationwide. First the good news…97% of the surveyed companies knows the term social media (where in 2008, when the first study was done only 66% knew Social Media). Most communication managers have full access to social media, where most employees are blocked from social media during work. Oh boy, those companies certainly haven’t heard from smartphones, and free time where those employees are online and dealing with social media (and probably telling about the company…)

That’s the better part of the story…now for the fun part…or the sad part:

  • only 27% have company-guidelines regarding social media and social media use. As Yves Van Seters (IBM @YvesVS) points out later this morning, it’s not about the social media guidelines, it’s about the social media strategy. But a staggering 49% isn’t even planning on implementing any social media guidelines (I guess those companies still believe social media is fad, and certainly not for business use!).
  • 66% of the companies has no training for his employees (nor have they any training planned). They feel generation Y will bring it on their own. (I guess they will, but is the company ready to work and deal with generation Y?)
  • 54% doesn’t monitor social media for their brand, company, …. with a small 10% monitoring professionaly!
    When they get a negative response through social media 31% won’t react to it and 20% won’t answer openly.(These companies still believe customers are stupid…and probably never heard of the empowered customer)
  • 44% of the companies don’t measure ROI of Social Media

I found those results shocking since we live in 2011, where social media is part of our society and digital natives are entering the professional world. Work to be done…

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