Online Presence vs Conversation

Building a business in the flat world….or better bringing your off-line business in the online world.

I’ve heard a couple of entrepreneurs the last few weeks talking about the flat world and business. A few quotes to get started:

  • I don’t need a website or any online thing. My business runs itself, and word of mouth is great and my agenda is full until the end of this year!
  • Is it OK for my accountant bureau to send a digital newsletter?…What do I have to say that might be of any interest?
  • My son made me a Facebook profile, but nothing happened regarding my business.

And there is more….but let’s get to the point.

  • I love all statistics regarding online businesses,
  • I love the infographs telling social media rise B2B-markets,
  • I love information and cases which show online really helps businesses, …
  • I’m a true believer

BUT we need more people to convince those entrepreneurs that being online is a start, but conversation is better!
We know that in the near future everybody is going to have flat world access, mobile or not, and that the digital natives are the new customers entering the playing field of consumption and work. Online presence is therefore just a start…but it’s not enough. Digital natives, the new geeks, collaborate and work peer-to-peer more than ever before by using the in-demand and in-control flat world technology.

What does this mean for the few quoted businesses?

  • Not being online just isn’t an option. You don’t have to build a company website, but it can be useful if you want to reach out and get your business under the attention of the digital natives. (Make shure its mobile proof!)
  • Yes, an accounting office can send a newsletter, mail isn’t out (yet, and there are other ways to distribute newsletters…). I truly believe that if you want an engaged relationship with your customers, an accountant must send out a newsletter. A reminder informing their customers about new legislation, deadlines for taxes, … This small action builds a trusted relationship between the 2 parties and is base for future conversation!
  • Don’t do social media if you can’t work them! Yes use social media, as a strong tool to interact and make a conversation with your customers and stakeholders, BUT don’t use it if you aren’t engaged and enchanted by social media yourself. (And no I don’t believe those people who tell you social media only takes 10 minutes a day….this is not true!)

Work needs to be done to get (small and medium-sized) entrepreneurs  into the flat world, convincing them that this is not the enemy just an evolution (but one they don’t want to miss!).

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2 comments on “Online Presence vs Conversation
  1. Rosa Solà Roca says:

    I believe that it is crucial for companies to be on the Internet to know what their customers think about their product, to meet their needs and to attract new customers. More and more people nowadays are logging onto the internet and using search engines to look for comments or opinions before buying a product.
    As amazing as your product is, problems will arise, and that problem may have huge repercussions, because in a few moments your customers can use their social networks to spread the bad word about your company.
    Last year, in a marketing lesson in my home university, we studied the case of Dell: a blogger called Jeff Jarvis was unhappy with the computer he had purchased from Dell, so he posted that in his blog using the title “Dell is Hell”. After a week, the New York Times and the Business Day had picked up Jeff’s story. As a result, Dell is nowadays the best example of business concerned with consumer satisfaction.

  2. Juan José Cerdán Garcia says:

    I think that having a website is a great way for business to connect with new customers. Unfortunately while building a website has brought instant success for some businesses, it has the potential to be an absolute disaster for others.
    Poor website design is often the primary reason for a website’s failure. This is because it fails to engage the user.
    Nowadays, companies need a good website to enhance their corporate image.

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