Worldwide E-tail [Infographoc] – How we spend our money

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6 comments on “Worldwide E-tail [Infographoc] – How we spend our money
  1. I sometimes by things online. Mostly I buy clothes online because they are cheaper and some of the clothes you can’t find here in Belgium. I think that many people do this especially beacaus it’s cheaper. When we go on holiday, we always buy our tickets online and I think that the most people who have travelled before do this also because they got the hang of it and don’t need to go to agencies no more.

    That people will buy books online in the near future doesn’t surprise me that much. Now that the products like the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy tab, the Blackberry Pad, the Amazon tablet,… came out on the market, people are starting to buy books online for on their tablets. It’s much easier and you can get as many books as you want and take them everywhere with you.

  2. An Nelen says:

    Buying things online is so much easier!! You have a good overview of the products and you can check the prices with other sites. Of course it can be a risk because you haven’t seen the products you bought. But once you’ve found a site you can trust it is so much easier and cheaper than buying things in a regular shop.

    There are a lot of products we don’t have in Belgium and by the internet there are just no limits anymore.

  3. Juliane Siebelts says:

    I’m a great fan of shopping (yes, I’m a girl). And online-shopping made the whole procedure much easier. With only one “click” you are able to purchase whatever you want and a few days later you can receive it at your door. You don’t have to leave the house, you don’t have to be annoyed about crowded shops and you don’t have to tow bags at home.
    The internet offers you much more possibilities of buying a good. There are special shops which only sell their products via internet, but there are also online-shops of companies which are also existing offline. In my experience they offer more products than in the offline-shops because the space problem is non-existent. Over the last years I purchased my whole Christmas-shopping via internet because going shopping during Christmastime is, in my opinion, one of the worst things you can do. With the help of the internet you are able to buy a present that is quite unique because you can’t buy it just around the corner…
    But you still have to pay attention. Not all online-shops are trustworthy and that is something that you have to check before buying there. You have always to keep in mind that they are also getting all you personal data (especially bank data) when you purchase something for the first time in such an online-shop.

  4. Fabien BRENIER says:

    I’m used to by things online, it’s easier and you can find a lot of things that we can not find in regular shop. But I’m only buying goods when I know the website and I can trust it. One of my friends had a bad experience and he never receive what he bought.
    It could be interesting to do the same study by separating goods bought with a smart phone or Ipad and with a computer because the habits are very different in North America, Europe and Asia.

  5. Maria says:

    I am buying all these things described above online! last sunday I made a hotel reservation online and last week I bought some clothes online. It is a very easy way to buy things. But, like Fabien said, you have to be careful. And the most annoying thing by buying clothes online is that it not always fit, so then you have to send it back and it will cost you a lot of money (shipping costs) That’s a pity! I think, in the future it will become more easy to buy things online. With only one click on your mobile phone you have bought a new jeans or something like that. Nowadays, you have to follow several steps (for example: you are required to confirm it several times) before your made a purchase.

  6. Xavi Repi says:

    Some years has passed since I bought online for the first time. I bought a DVD and I did not feel safe buying in an online store because I could not touch the product. I could not experience the purchase as I used to.
    Since this first time, I have spent a lot of money buying items through the internet. I have become a fan of the online purchases. The main advantages I have when I buy online are the price as well as the possibility to buy from home, which means that I can save a lot of time. However, I think buying thinks online has some negative points. One of them is the time customers have to wait since they purchase until the item is delivered. When the decision of purchase is made, the client want to have the product in the same moment and I think online businesses cannot still deal with this problem. I also think the speed on shipping depends on the infrastructures and the mean of transports. In addition, another disadvantage is the impossibility to feel the product. For example, if you want to buy a musical instrument, there is no way to try it before purchase it.
    In my opinion, online stores are the businesses of the future. Although there is still a lot to improve, I think in the years coming e-commerce will have a huge increase. Moreover, I think the most successful companies of the future will be those which will be able to ship products quicker than their competitors as well as those which will offer the possibility to try the items before buy them.

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