It’s not Social Media, it’s Conversation

How to build your brand through conversation!?
Steven Van Belleghem, author of the conversation manager, describes in 5 easy steps on how you can build your brand through social media.

I’ve read a few posts this week on how social media isn’t working, or fails, or…. But if you read those articles most of the time it’s easy to understand why people write like that! They want measurable profit out of social media, and often (mis)use social media not to make a conversation but to push an advertisement.

Even in 2011 a lot of companies don’t get it! Web 2.0/3.0 isn’t about pushing your brand, it’s about conversation with your stakeholders!
Companies step in to social media, without a strategy, without a policy, even without prior web experience…of course in this situatin your social media fails!
Rethink your business model before step into the flat world!
Develop an online strategy and social media policy.
And then start the conversation….don’t push, interact!

The following slideshow points out 5 easy steps on how to build your brand through conversation:

  • define a clear DNA – who, what and why
  • define your touchpoints – where
  • use smart activation – stimulate interaction
  • observe – facilitate – join – be out there in the conversation
  • think long-term – no immediate cash cow

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