E-Tail in numbers

The comScore report on retail websites gives us some new insights on how and why E-Tail will be the future of shopping.

Off course E-Tail is more than just online shopping….E-Tail describes the process the consumer follows to finally make the buying decision. 74,5% of the online Europeans visited a retail website in January 2011, a 8,5% growth over 1 year time.  Off course there are differences between European countries: first movers like the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany and Ireland show a bigger reach then others, but with a growth in almost every country (except Sweden -0,2%) there is a bright future for online retail.

Online shopping still means a lot of comparison shopping. The easy access to information makes your off-line customer the informed customer. His online research makes him the expert, not the salesman. Sidenote: we need to rethink the role of the salesman….I still see a lot of salesman thinking they are the experts, NOT! They’re the cashier.
Besides comparing products we search meanly for apparel (28,4%) and consumer electronics (27,1%). This, off course, isn’t a complete surprise, since most manufacturers and stores have webstores attached to their websites.

Looking at the most popular online retailer…we see on company in the top 5 everywhere: Amazon. Again no surprise since they have a world-wide well-organized structure, and a strong reputation regarding customer satisfaction. Besides Amazon, Apple lists a couple off times, but merely it are local webshops of local companies who are popular online. Customers tend to love what they know, even online. So consumers are shifting to the online world, but mostly stick to the local shops they know.

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One comment on “E-Tail in numbers
  1. Nowadays, people would buy more things on the internet. In the beginning of internet-tailing, most of the people couldn’t trust it. Once you pay, you’ll see or hear nothing from the online company. That was the thought of many people back in the days. All the internet-retailers are scammers. To be honest, onetime was my thought exactly the same. But I think most of the clients are convinced now, that buying something on the internet is -most of the time- safe. Also by the fact that a lot of websites of e-commerce have a But I buy something, it’s nothing to expensive… By example a hat, or a case for my phone…

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