Social media multitasker

Who says only women can multitask? All active social media users, the digital natives, are real multitaskers!

Off course, it all about changing habits  of modern society through our intensive use of social media…driving a car  while talking to your co-worker on the phone (hands-free off course), or cooking diner while texting a message to your husband or answering mails, making appointments while you’re in a meeting, …. The new ways of communicating through the flat world technology has made it a lot easier to communicate all the time, and therefore multitask all the time. Who isn’t watching his Twitter, Facebook profile, email, … al day long?

Apparently this is called ‘infomania’ by classic thinkers….we call it multitasking! Apparently scientific research has proven multitasking to be less productive and most certainly less profound. Off course modern society, and its digital natives, never knew something else….they always have been connected and interactive…texting, mailing, updating their profile, tweeting, … I just don’t think we can turn back time, and stop this evolution. We will adapt, like we always do!

About the infomania….easy question? Who doesn’t want to be informed?
Problem is the exponential information growth which is attacking us. We have to teach and learn ourselves to deal with this mass information flow.
Mails, tweets, information is piling up, while you’re off-line (in a meeting f.i.), so multitasking is the only way out. At least if you don’t want to drown in the information tsunami.

Most of your partners, co-workers, friends, family, … want you to be up to date and answer them at short notice to the point!
This is evolution….just look at your own pattern of communication/media use 10 years ago – if you’re not a digital native off course.  Following infograph shows how we have changed, and how this affects our brain!

I would like you to comment on the consequences shown in this infograph….and participate in this poll!

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