Augmented mobile reality = BIG

You all know that mobile is the future….how this connected mobile world looks like, can be a question….but not anymore, at least if you take a look at how augmented reality is finding its way to this mobile device….

A Dutch agency, Layar, is working very hard to get layers over reality to augmented it with new information…what this means you can see in the next movie.

Cool, not?
So what’s in it for the customer? Easy, augmented information on site in control and in demand anytime and anywhere, at least when a layer has been added….
Who is the customer segment? You and me who wants more information or play a game in a certain real life situation, where the real life situation is embedded in your augmented content.
How do you get it? Through a free app! The app business model….I’m loving it more and more.
CRM? This is a bit fuzzy, because I think the next step is thinking about CRM through this augmented layering….adding geodata from your friend and start communicating! Getting it social! At this point is not social enough….
Who’s working on the resources part? Everybody who wants to add a layer with information over reality…You use the Layer knowhow and platform to connect to your end-user.

More and more organisations, companies are feeding this augmented world day after day…(just look at the Layar blog on what’s already out there)

I’m looking forward on my next walk in Antwerp with this app installed, and enjoying augmented Antwerp!

Inspired by Gerd Leonhard

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