Flat Learning & Educating

Flat business, Flat Lifestyle, Flat….I don’t know what…but we can’t deny it anymore the world is getting more digital, more connected, more mobile….and is serving more individual needs. We can’t chance this! It’s happening, it’s not a fad.

Business is searching for new (business) models to serve this mobile and connected customer, the social individualist….we serves his personal needs but loves being connected socially. The digital natives are gaining on influence, but I don’t see an educational shift….yet! Off course we have to rethink education as well, … only yesterday I read that 80% of the 5 year olds are connected to the flat world….If we don’t rethink our educational methods, we will lose valuable assets because they won’t be engaged nor enchanted!

We need to challenge them….we need to engage them….we need to get them enchanted about our education, about our topics, about our content. Content still matters, YES it does! But there is more than only content….there is attitude, talent and competence management. All those factors need to be part of a new educational system measured to the need of the flat society.  We need to incorporate social learing skills into our day-to-day education, we have to allow students to take up responsibility for their education and learning (which students aren’t willing to do at first….but they will benefit from it later!), we have to engage them….learn together with them, since content is easily accessible and even the teacher can’t know everything.  The teacher is the coach, the guide to help students find their way in this content, keep them engaged….and most certainly confronts the students with his attitude, talent and competences!

I found a great presentation on the future of education from the university of Plymouth, were my insights on  future education are mostly shared.

I’ll post more on flat world educating in the flat world section (soon – just wait a few more days please!). 

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One comment on “Flat Learning & Educating
  1. Rosa Solà Roca says:

    If we could implement computers, internet, social networks and many other media completely in the education system, I think that it is possible to make education much more interesting and enjoyable for students, and thus will turn into more prepared and talented people.
    My little brother (a digital native) told me a few days ago that he and his classmates had to show to their teacher how to use the projector and the digital whiteboard that was installed in their school two months ago. Of course the teacher had attended a course on how to use it, but we all know that for the digital immigrants sometimes all these electronic devices are quite complicated!
    We must rethink the educational methods, but I think that first we must have teachers able to adapt to these changes; although I believe that in near future teachers will move from “topic experts” to a role in which they act more as guides and coaches.

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