HRM isn’t social (yet)!

A study by the HUB (a Belgian University) show 75% of the employees doesn’t want their boss to be a facebook-friend!

Just showing how most employees see social networking. From the respondents 66% had a Facebook profile, and 33% were frequent (daily) users….
Most participants see their Facebook profile (or social media profile) to be part of their private life, and they don’t want to mix private and professional life. Few people share business information on Facebook, or post comments on other co-workers. Although co-workers are most of the time accepted as Facebook friends.

I wonder whether those employees use Facebook during business hours? Probably yes! Because 44% says they take messages or wall postings from fellow workers as a starting point for an off-line conversation….during business hours….and no one ever says how his works ‘sucks’ or how great a day he is having? I just can’t imagine….
They don’t want to share vacant job opportunities of their employer on their Facebook, nor are they interested in using Facebook on professional basis.  This research really shows how Belgian employees are professionally not up to date….yet!

On the other side we see a similar attitude with employers. Almost 94%  of the participants said that their company didn’t have a social  network (recruiting) strategy. 

Staggering numbers….but with a new generation ready to enter the business market, I wonder whether professional Facebook use still will be marginal?! Are you ready as an employer to deal with the digital natives?

As a business you can really use social networks as Facebook for HRM purposes. A business community, or selection channel were you meet your (fellow) employees or applicants. It easy, doesn’t cost a lot of money and you can engage your working staff to become part of the community and an ambassador for the company!

Please share your professional social media use thourgh the comment section.

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