Why Google won’t launch Circles

There was a big buzz and fuzz on Google launching a competitor to Facebook…Circles. But probably Google won’t enter a new social platform in the market. Why not? It already tried….twice: Orkut and Buzz.
Orkut, already launched in January 2004, is embraced by Brazilians and nowadays also people of India use Orkut often (more than 100 mio users in 2011). But Orkut was no match to Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Especially in the US where Orkut had a solid base in 2004, the market share was soon taken over by Facebook.
Buzz was the second attempt from Google to enter the social network play field. Launched in 2010, it was integrated in Google mail system GMail. Through the Buzz tool people could share pictures, videos, status messages, …. but apparently it isn’t a big success. Have you used it? Share your experiences with Google Buzz through the comment section!

Off course Circles is only the rumour, but it spreads the news on how Google is aiming to shift into a higher gear regarding social networking. Especially because more people spent time on Facebook or any other social network or microblogging site. Which means advertising budgets are moving there as well! 

Google will therefore probably incorporate more social features into the Google products, and hopefully attracting more users to their platforms. Rumours are that Google focusses on the current ‘Group’ hype on sharing messages and movies (probably through YouTube).

 Maybe they use GoogleMe….or maybe Circles ….or maybe they stick to Buzz. But a big launch of a new social network is probably not to be expected!

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One comment on “Why Google won’t launch Circles
  1. Filip says:

    I guess that when it comes to social networks, people just like to stick with the site which is the most popular among their peers – the site that “everyone is on”. I believe that in the Netherlands, “Hyves” is still quite successful, because it is aimed at the dutch audience in particular. Although I see a lot of my dutch switching to Facebook by now.
    And what ever happened to MSN Live or MySpace? It must have had the same potential as Facebook a couple of years ago, but apparantly Microsoft missed out on a great opportunity! MySpace has looked depressingly outdated ever since, not managing to offer the user friendliness and basic functionality as its competitor. Microsoft’s efforts to make Windows Live more attractive and integrate it with Hotmail, painfully pointless.

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