SxSWi – A social round up…[updated]

…for those who aren’t attending (like myself)….(but I have got  to get there next time) but are following the social media buzz! I’ve been addicted to the Twitters and blogs of many people just to keep up with SxSWi! And I must say thank you to everybody who’s tweeting and sharing out there. On the other hand side, maybe it’s time for a small round-up of the major trends and talks on SxSWi (from a social buzz perspective).

  • Mobile is the future! For shure….I’ve been doing a lot on this recently, and apparently I’m not alone. SxSWi buzz sends out a  lot of mobile signals. Location services will be huge….and it will be a part of our mobile life! Look on how Google is going to integrate location services on his apps!
  • Social marketing is the core….yes a good product is still the keystone, but social media are more than just media. Social media are becoming the core of your marketing! Engagement rules!
  • Groups are hot….the social buying and being part of a group is one of the hypes of 2011. Different platforms want your attention (like GroupMeYobongo, Beluga or Fast Society)
    Facebook annouces iFive the competitor for GroupOn
  • The iPAD2 is embraced….and sold out!
  • TED is going public with all his talks.
  • Google Circles…Maybe tomorrow or the day after!
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