How to mobil-e/ize?

It’s a hot topic….mobile….I’ve been writing about it already (you find my former posts on the bottom of this post), and now at SXSWi we see it happening. The buzz was out, and now it’s time to set things in motion….it’s time to MOBILizE!

We see numbers of mobile devices and mobile access to the flat world grow every day….predictions of 2014 (were mobile takes over desktop, will be sooner for western countries, worldwide 2014 is expected).

At SXWSi Googles head of Mobile and Geolocation, Marissa Mayer, talked about Google’s strategy for the mobile future.  Geolocation will be one of the keystone to match the digital world with the physical world through the mobile device.  Google’s figures on the mobile use show this shift, with 40% of all map uses are already mobile, and the HotPot app where you connect to your network through Google maps. Google is adding the location app on almost all of its services….Location, Location, Location = future of mobile web!
India is even considering to make geolocation mandatory as part of the mobile device/world….what are they saying about privacy?!
But then again, we’re all using Foursquares or Gowalla…so Google is just integrating their existing services….hopefully the pioneers of geolocation will survive!

Another milestone will be the use of the digital mobile wallet, already hot in Japan and Hongkong, but not yet in western countries. But again we see a shift happening….2011 will probably be a turning point in the use of mobile payment. Thank you NFC (near field communication) and the fact that financial and other western companies are ready….now it’s up to the customer to embrace this technology (besides SMS payment off course)!

To make shure you are MOBILizE, I’ve added a list with the 10 companies/apps you will make you ready for the mobile future (at this point). My guess is that we’ll see new apps/companies entering the mobile playing field….this is the connected future where digital (and flat) world meet the real world.

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