The role of the marketeer in the flat world

Let go….this is the new role to play for the marketer. Not easy, if you are/were that guy/girl who was in charge for the product/brand the last decades.  But nowadays everybody, employee, customer, supplier,… is talking about your product/brand, whether you want this or not. And it isn’t always fun stuff to read (even from your own employees)
It used to be a great time when the marketer controlled all the brand/product information.

How do you, as a marketer, deal with this flat world social evolution? Let go, but be positive don’t hesitate to interact with those people.  Inside the companies we see a shift from(ordinary) employee to product/brand ambassadors, where all employees are involved in the brand/product management through a company social media policy.  This social media policy introduces social media as a tool for all employees and explain the rules of engagement. As a marketer you can play an important role, since the marketer was the former brand manager!  (But most of the time the social media policy is written by IT or HR – which is kind of strange!)

Examples of social media policy of some famous companies can be inspirational! Take look at the next list, and explore social media policy….it’s important for every company! As a marketeer is time to take up this new role,the social media coach who coaches his fellow employees in being the brand/product ambassador.

Inspired by Mic Adam

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