Cloud 4 Mobile

Apple is feeding the rumours again for the cloud based version of iTunes….off course this is bound to happen one day, since the mobile era will need a cloud version of iTunes (f.i.).  Google is integrated the Google Cloud Connection to Microsoft Office, the re-launch of Google Wave…

Examples enough to show the mobile future is near, because in this mobile future we’re always connected, sync and in touch but those mobile devices need to have access to the same information, music, documents, …. thanks to these cloud applications this is possible and easy. Apple taking it one step further with the vertical integration through software and hardware, but once they opened up the cloud version of iTunes this means (hopefully) full access to iTunes from any device!

For businesses this is also a major step, because businesses can be run anytime, anywhere! SAP already delivers this service to his customers….just to give an idea on what this means for your business I have added a small video (not as a commercial to SAP but to give some insight on how a business is run in the mobile clouded era!). And if you think this is only for the few big multinationals out there, think again….through small (sometime) free apps (think Google Apps & Docs) even a small of medium enterprise can be run through cloud and mobile technology (and save money….less IT costs!)

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