Re-thinking Privacy in the Flat & Social World

I read an interesting article on the flat world web on the end of the Facebook empire.  It was a personal protest on how Facebook changed their setting again….the like button (revisited), the revamped comment section and the continuous selling of our personal data. Is this a major problem, and will this be the end of Facebook? The last…I don’t think so, the first….probably yes if you think off-line or in a web 1.0!

I agree to the fact that our privacy, as we know it, is not what it used to be 10 years ago. But was does privacy mean? If you look into a basic dictionary you’ll probably find definitions like secret, seclusion, free from unsanctioned intrusion….but once we put it out on the web, it’s out there: no more secrets, no more seclusion! But still we think the flat world is like the extension from our living room. Once you close the drapes and the door everything is private….and this of course is a wrong idea. You can close the connection, but what you did in the flat world, stays in the flat world….It’s like your actions in the real world, they really have happened!

So what’s the fuzz about….the fact that you don’t own your personal data, that’s the real issue! We need a social web, where we can own our data! And if we own our data we can remove, replace, …. erase them! But we need to understand this is something different from being seen on the web.
 But this idea is something different from privacy in my opinion! And most people are mixing those. I would like your input on this idea? Please comment through the comment section, and start a debate….

A small anecdote to round this post up:
I remember a small exercise my wife did in het classroom (sixth graders – 17 year olds), were she just opened a regular Facebook page of a student looking through all the personal pictures, posts and comments. All the students were stunned by the fact this was so easy, but they weren’t aware this was possible. We need to educated them on the use of Internet, and possible privacy settings….they just put their life on the net. I don’t think this is a problem, the problem is they don’t manage this content (and don’t own it all the time….) Education can be the key, in addition to a more social web (but this need to be sort out on a flat world government level)

To be continued….

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3 comments on “Re-thinking Privacy in the Flat & Social World
  1. Some people really don’t know how easy it is for other people to see what you are doing and where you are doing it..They just keep on sharing things without thinking about what could go wrong. You would be surprised how much some people know about you by just reading and following your facebook,…

    You can control your own privacy, as long as you watch out what you put on the internet.

  2. Sam Wouters says:

    Basically nothing you put on the internet is really private, if someone with the ability to get it actually wants it, they will get anything they want to have.
    But this obviously doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be careful with what they do.

    Especially youth really has no clue and one year ago, most of my friends had their profiles completely open to anyone, I can tell now that a lot of people started blocking their information for everyone to see (partly on my advice).

    At some point people are going to need proper workshops or even classes to learn how to be careful on the internet, because we are moving more into it every single day.

  3. Juan José Cerdán Garcia says:

    I agree with you about this, our privacity in Facebook doesn´t exit, this is a serious problem for our society, because we are revealing our secrets to powerful multinational companies, these companies have easier when handling and prompt us to a consumerist attitude.
    In Facebook is important read all the terms and conditions.

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