How Charlie Sheen makes money on Twitter….are you?

Charlie Sheen only uses Twitter for a week, but has a world record behind his name….24h to reach 1 mio followers. The first Twitter user who reaches 1 mio followers in this short period of time….and now a few days later already 1,7 mio (and I’m not one of them!…are you?)

Off course for marketeers this is a golden boy…and Charlie knows it. He hopes to make 1 mio $ with his Tweets. Well, not his own tweets of course, he commercial tweets, which you will all read but forget they have a commercial message! Almost 5000 celebrities are commercial Twitter users, who make money just by being on Twitter.  The company Ad.Ly manages 1000 of those celebs commercial tweets or endorsed Tweets. Exact numbers we don’t have, but Kim Kardashian claims to earn 10000 $ when an Tweet is posted.

Off course, not only Twitter is used, Facebook, Google and MySpace are social media channels which show celeb endorsed posts. This might be easy….BUT there is a second way on how commercial messages are being brought to you by social media: your friends! The World of Mouth as you can read in ‘Socialnomics‘ (by Erik Qualman). But this world of mouth can be (and off course not all the time) commercially inspired.

For Instance, if you look at “mommyblogs” where young moms start a non commercial blog just to connect to the outside world and share their experiences and knowledge. A couple of those blogs are becoming very popular having a couple of 100 unique visitors a day….and are becoming interesting for advertisers. This can be in a commercial way, by adding an ad on the blog (and paying the ‘mommy’), but there is also a more subtile way where the ‘endorsement agency steps in and asks the blogmommy to write about a certain product or service in one of her blog post (and again the ‘mommy’ is being paid).  The difference is off course reader perception, where an ad is obvious, but a blog is not….Remember the figures on social media: 78% of the people trusts his social network/peers when it comes to products or services.

Is your product of service being endorsed already? And I think it’s better to endorse through world of mouth endorsement then through celeb endorsement….(and it will cost you less as well!)  Off course, when your consumers post without an incentive doesn’t cost you money….

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