“Social” Connected Cars

Bill Ford jr. gave a good insight on how the automotive companies are dealing with future challanges…and yes I know we’ll beat CO2, and I know we”ll have environmentally friendly cars….they are launched or almost in production at this point!

What caught my attention was the connection part which is incorporated in cars, whether it’s Ford’s SYNC, GM’s OnStar or VW Bulli system…even Hyundai is integrating a Blue Link telematics system into their cars. Almost (and probably all) car manufacturers are using our cars as connect-able hubs to society. 

  • The car will operate as a cashier (when driving by toll boots, or when you are recharging your fuel tank, or with a financial GPS you pay you driven distance according to traffic density, ….)
  • The car will connect with other cars through car2car communication (build in sensors, and telecommunication technology), and will increase road safety, and (can) optimize road usage and traffic efficiency.
  • The car will be an interactive car (through wi-fi) where you’ll have access to the flat world, and up to date with the latest on traffic, parking spots, maybe even a system/bug fix through an update,…!

With the connected car the sky is the limit. My student at FHV even thought about the idea of a remote car (through flat world technology) where cars would become common goods. Their would always be a car when you needed one….thourgh the social media geo-location connection, this is possible!
So even cars are becoming part of our social mobile network!

Follow the recent TED Conference on http://conferences.ted.com/TED2011/

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One comment on ““Social” Connected Cars
  1. This is pretty amazing! But with all this distraction in the car, it would lead up to more accidents because I wouldn’t put all my hopes on the anti-crash sensors.

    What more are they going to put in cars these days?

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