Mobile world in numbers

Comscore launched it (first) annual report on the  mobile world (US, EU5 and Japan).  Free to download at their website!

I’ve rounded up the most important trends:

  • Mobile growth in 2 speeds: US vs EU
    In total market share, the US is ahead of the European market. Although we see a similar growth in terms of smartphone and 3G adoption, the EU doesn’t embrace the unlimited data transfer yet, probably because of the expensive and segregated mobile market across Europe.
    We’ll see how the European Union deals with these challenges. The EU has already set maximum prices to text messaging and phone calls over the mobile network, it’s to be expected that they will set a maximum price on data transfer as well.

  • Smartphone tops the charts
    When we purchase a mobile device, 80% in the US and 60% in the EU are buying a smartphone.  Off course the Apple iPhone is popular, but other manufacturers are selling their smartphones as well.


  • Smartphone demographics show old users in the EU against youngsters in the US
    Again the EU sees older (35+) and more mature people buying and using smartphone.  Probably the budget plays a role in the decision-making process to buy a smartphone….althuogh we see the fastest growth in the EU in the categories of 18 – 24 year olds (up 54%) and 13 – 18 years olds (up 66%). Youngsters are shifting to mobile….


  • Android OS on steroids
    Google’s Android OS was the fastest growing mobile operating system in 2010, taking over a lot of Symbian market share (hence the collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft…). Only to show that Apple doesn’t own the mobile market (although US Verizon is using Apple’s OS as their standard….so we’ll see in 2011 what this means in market share). Android’s main challenges will be, to sort out the big differences in versions to make it easier for developers….

  • Steady growth of mobile media usage
    With the use of smartphones we switch our main use of the mobile device as well….not only texting and phone calls are popular, we access mail, social networks, browse and follow online retail stores,… with our mobile device.  The mobile device is taking centre stage in our life!  We see different usage in the US then in EU, but social networking is certainly a hit on the mobile!


  • Japan uses mobile wallet!
    The mobile wallet is already a rising succes story in Japan.  Who needs real money when you have your mobile anyway?
    10% of the mobile subscriptions used their mobile as a paying device. They use it most of the time in classical retail situations.
    But again this is a trend which is developing in Northern European countries as well, ….only a matter of time to concur the world!

In 2011 we will see more mobile shifting.
Media usage will be more and more integrated between the different devices (PC, tablet, mobile, screen, ….)
Mobile Marketing will be the next challenge for the marketeers….they’re already working out new strategies!
Mobile Commerce will hand real-time price and product information to the consumer, and when this consumer embraces the mobile wallet…the sky is again the limit!

 (graphics taken from the Comscore report)

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