Digital Europe in numbers – Trends are confirmed!

Comscore launched it annual report on digital and online Europe.  Free to download at their website!

But for those who are only interested in the hard facts and figures, I made a summary of the most important numbers.

  • Europe is becoming more and more engaged in social media
    87,7% of the Europeans is engaged in social media (+10,9% over 1 year time!). 
    When Europeans are online they spend most of their time on social media, and mostly on Facebook (11,7% of the online time is Facebook time). Facebook mostly suppresses local social media initiatives like Hi5 (Portugal) and StudiVZ (Germany). When we look at online usage we see less instant chatting and e-mailing in the 15-34 category, while 35+ keeps on using e-mail (there is even +6% growth in this age category regarding mail use).

  • Coupon sales are rising rapidly
    Not as big as in the US, but the hype is comming…As already posted!
    We see Groupon taking a large market share on coupon sales, but this is the trend to follow for 2011!

  • Advertising on/through social network is booming business
    We see a significant rise in online advertising through social media.  This will also keep on growing through the next years

Besides these hard facts, the reports shows that 2011 will be the year were Mobile will step in and play a more important role into our society. And it’s important to see, which online tool young people are using (15-34 ), they are making the future trends!
In combination with the social media growth, this is and will be the challenge for business to deal with!

(graphics taken from the Comscore report)

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One comment on “Digital Europe in numbers – Trends are confirmed!
  1. I knew digital Europe is ascendant, but I didn’t know it was that extremely! The last statistic let us show the marketing field has a big advantage by using social media too. Nowadays almost everybody is Facebook-, Twitter-, Google Plus-, LinkedIn-, … connected, so marketing had to use those media.

    I think the years beyond will stay ascendant, every year they invent a new social platform or update an existing social medium to a higher level.

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