Law and Internet

It’s hard-working in the flat world being Google and Apple.

After the iTunes and Apple got into a fight over subscriptions through the flat world, it’s Google who’s facing (new) charges (again) from (Belgian) publishers – copiepresse to be precise.
It’s an appeal on the primary charge where Google used headers and pictures from the news sites and -papers on the Google News site, without paying any copyrights or prior permission.  This is an interesting case…since a lot of people do this, and not only Google….because what will happen if Google looses this appeal?

The Belgian Judge will probably ask the European Court of Justice for advice, which makes this a European case, and therefore the outcome will have a European scope.  Google has already lost the initial case, and has a exception in the US when it comes to using titles and pictures in the newssite….Google makes a strong case when telling that they only want to generate traffic to the news sites with this service! Publishers say they lose out on advertising revenue, because they don’t click-through….

Again this is more a struggle for the free Internet…what’s on the net is free to be used. It’s a ‘socialnomics’ web off course! Where people will generate more content on their own blogs, profiles, forums, fan pages, …., using other sources (i.e. Newspapers). Are we going to charge them as well? The social Internet is generating as much news through their social media, being as accurate as traditional (news)media! I think it’s time the traditional media start rethinking their business model! But then again….it’s also time for a flat world law system which deals with this problems in the whole of the flat world (worldwide!).

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