Television Tweeting…

New media and old media are coming together…..We see a lot of people tweeting about shows which are on the air: sharing their remarks, idea’s, comments….being a fan or maybe not….

But this give old media people a bit of the creeps….since people are simultaneously watching the show, and commenting on that show!
How do you deal with does instant tweets and comments trough social media….The old media guy looks at this new attitude with questions regarding  the respect for his/her show (since your multitasking and not giving your whole attention to the show), on the other hand we see new technology evolving around us. The second screen (tablet PC, Smartphone, …) is always near, and a comment can be easy through user-friendly apps!

Jan Eelen, a Belgian director (De Ronde, In de Gloria and Het Eiland all aired on VRT), is wondering why people always want to share their opinion. Well Jan, welcome to the social era, the era were people want to share their opinion, which they are entitled to have.  The difference with earlier years is that people share through social media (= world of mouth) instead of sharing in a bar, or at work (word of mouth). This means my word connects to the world! Yes, I, the individual me, exist, but I interact with the world, not only me fellow co-workers or bar friends! And Jan, it’s time you understand this shift.

Television producers are already rethinking the Television as screen to connect, and share ideas through the television….instead being a one way communication tool. We’ve seen nothing yet! (Will we call it social television?) But social entertainment networks al already around us, like getglue, where you can connect with fellow people on entertainment issues.

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One comment on “Television Tweeting…
  1. Daan Stevens says:

    To be honest, I’m not realy up for “social television”. The medium TV is something that in my opinion should stay as it is (or even go back a bit), there is no need to make it social.
    Nowaday’s I allready get a bit angry when I watch Jim, TMF or MTV. On those channels you’ve almost got a constant stream of people texting to the TV to see their name appear. And because of that the actual video is reduced to 50% of it’s size and they tuck it a way in a corner of the screen. If that should happen while I were watching a movie I’d really get agitated. So no Social TV for me.

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