Flat Education – an update!

Since we started 3 months ago….I’ve teached a couple of courses on flat business, and therefore it might be interested in just giving an update on what’s happening in the flat education department, especially the intensify-section.

I know people don’t make a fuzz on it, but I want to start a fuzz about it: don’t use e-commerce and e-business as synonyms please….e-business covers a broader load (in my opinion). E-commerce is an important part of e-business, but not the only part….look at e-CRM, and the social media as being part of e-business…..Give me your ideas on the terminology please, through the comment section! 

I’ve added 3 basic cases: Apple, Amazon and Webvan as a start on how and why flat business can/will (or can/will not) work. I’ll keep adding useful insights on these pages! Afterwords I’ve added a couple if topic based items which involve e/flat-business items:

  • creating a flat business (or e-business), with extra attention to the business modelling (which is not that easy when going into the flat world….look Webvan!)
  • “socialnomics” or the use of social media in your flat business – Social CRM!
  • privacy in the flat world? Does it exist? Or do we need a social web?

The future section gives some primary insights on how the technological future might look like. I’m spending extra attention on the mobile part, since the future is going to be mobile….probably this part will move into the intensify section, since this future is near

Just wonder around….I’m trying to keep things up to date….but always looking forward to read your comments to improve this information!

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